12 Days

The CORE is proud to announce our first-ever social media photo contest!

Each day leading up to Christmas, you will be challenged to post a fun photo or short video based on the day’s topic. The best post from each day will win a special prize. That means you have 12 chances to win! We will share the winning entries for everyone to see.

This is a great way to enjoy the season together as a church family. Let’s have some fun! (Please read the rules in the column to the right.)

For the twelve days of COREistmas, my pastor gave to me...

Day 1 (Dec. 13): Most likely to be mistaken for a shepherd.
Prize: “12 Musical Notes”
The winner gets to choose one of the instrumental preservice songs to be played at the CORE on Christmas Eve.

Day 2 (Dec. 14): Most inaccurate manger scene
Prize: “11 Nativity Figurines”
If you can create the most inaccurate manger scene, we’ll give you eleven Nativity figurines, so you can see how it’s supposed to look…

Day 3 (Dec. 15): Most creative way for the elf on the shelf to die (bonus points for Biblical themes)
Prize: “10 Gallons of Gas” (Perhaps the prize will give inspiration?)
Win a $25 Kwik Trip gift card, worth roughly 10 gallons of gas.

Day 4 (Dec. 16): What more practical wise men would’ve given Jesus
Prize: “9 Seconds of Singing”
Pastor Michael Ewart will sing 9 seconds of a Christmas song of the winner’s choosing, and we’ll post the video to social media!

Day 5 (Dec. 17): Best impression of an animal who got cut from the pageant
Prize: “8 Bags of Sweets”
The winner will receive eight party favor bags full of chocolate and candy.

Day 6 (Dec. 18): Most likely to be mistaken for an angel (a.k.a. slow pitch for boyfriends!)
Prize: “7 Christmas Costumes”

Pastor Mike Novotny will dress up in a Christmas costume of the winner’s choosing, and we’ll post the photo to social media. Here are seven suggestions: Santa, Reindeer, Elf, Snowman, Shepherd, Angel, or Christmas Tree. (Please choose something that won’t get him fired…)

Day 7 (Dec. 19): Best impression of King Herod (by kids 10 & under)
Prize: “6 Movie Snacks”

The winner will earn a gift basket for 6 containing hot chocolate, a s’mores kit, a $10 Family Video gift card, and other fun items. Perfect for a family movie night in front of the fireplace!

Day 8 (Dec. 20): Mary and Joseph when they learned she was pregnant
Prize: “5 Charities”
The CORE will donate $100 to one of the following five charities, which the winner will choose: Pillars (formerly Homeless Connections), Harbor House, Columbus Elementary School, Kaleidoscope Academy, or Friends of China.

Day 9 (Dec. 21): Most unusual stuffed animal at a manger scene
Prize: “4 CORE Store Items”
The winner gets to choose any four items from the CORE Store to take home, including shirts, hats, water bottles, and coffee cups. Get decked out in CORE swag for the new year!

Day 10 (Dec. 22): Best impression of a sheep
Prize: “3 Front Row Seats”
We will reserve three seats in the front row for the winner, for either of the CORE’s 2018 Christmas Eve services.

Day 11 (Dec. 23): Best reason to come to the CORE on Christmas Eve
Prize: “2 Back Row Seats”
For the traditional Lutheran in you…We will reserve two seats in the back row for the winner for either of the CORE’s 2018 Christmas Eve services.

Day 12 (Dec. 24): Why you love Jesus
Prize: “1 Question for Q&A Sunday”
Have a question about the Bible? The winner will be able to submit a question to Pastor Mike that he’ll be obligated to answer at the CORE’s annual Q&A Sunday on December 30th at 5:30pm.