Five to Thrive

Our goal is that each member of our church would be a thriving follower of Jesus. In our experience people that pay attention to five key "roots" will have a faith that grows and thrives. We call them the 5G's. [Coming soon: Click each one below to learn more about the "five to thrive."]

  • Gather - Attend worship weekly

  • Group - Join a Life Group

  • Grow - Home Bible reading / devotions / prayers

  • Give - Volunteer and be generous

  • Go - Invest in and invite those you know who don't go

The 5G's are only powerful when they go from theory to practice. So for each of the 5 G's, write down your specific "next steps." This will be your personal "Five to Thrive" plan. Be specific. Put a time frame on your steps. Share your plan with someone you trust.