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  • 5th Annual Q&A Sunday

    5th Annual Q&A Sunday

    December 30: Your Questions, God's Answers


    Do you have questions about God? Or about faith? Or about different religions, different churches, and different ideas? We all do, but often we are scared to ask them. That is why The CORE’s Q&A Sunday started. In place of a regular message, we will take time to anonymously ask questions and find the passages with Jesus’ answers. We hope you can join us for Q&A Sunday!

  • Friend Request (Week 4)

    Friend Request
     (Week 4)

    May 27: Friends With The World


    The Proverbs might imply that hanging out with unbelievers is a bad idea, but the Bible is more nuanced than that. Rubbing shoulders with those who don’t know Jesus is the best way to share the hope that only the Savior can give. This message explores the way Christians can invest in those who do not yet believe in Christ.

  • Friend Request (Week 3)

    Friend Request
     (Week 3)

    May 20: Choose Friends Carefully


    One pastor often told his teenage members, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” That wisdom is repeated in the Proverbs, a book about making wise choices. Walking with wise friends will make you wise. Hanging out with fools will come with consequences. This message is God’s reminder to choose your friends carefully, since they have an incredible influence on your choices and future.

  • Friend Request (Week 2)

    Friend Request
     (Week 2)

    May 13: Friendship & Fellowship In Christ


    What does it mean to find a Christian friend? Is that the same thing as being part of the fellowship of a church? This message explores what it means to have friends who share your faith as well as the important distinction between the fellowship of Christians and the self-selected blessing called friendship.

  • Friend Request (Week 1)

    Friend Request
     (Week 1)

    May 6: I Am A Friend Of God


    The Bible speaks of God befriending people in the Bible, a term of incredible closeness and intimacy. How does that compare to the modern, social media driven idea of a “friend request”? What would it mean for our lives if the Almighty God was actually our ever-present friend?

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 4)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 4)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 28: God's Got This (Nation)!


    According to the Psalms and Proverbs, our hope is never in chariots, horses, armies, countries or kings. Our hope is in God. Thankfully, our God rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the Father where he rules the world (our country included) for the good of his Church.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 3)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 3)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 21: Love Across The Aisle


    Christians today are sadly known as pouty, political, prudish people. Our approach to rapidly changing culture has often driven away those who might be curious about Christianity. Peter gives us much needed wisdom in his first epistle. Silence foolish talk! How? By doing good. By honoring the king. By submitting to authority.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 14: Dealing With The Politically Incorrect


    There are times when a Christian should stand up against the state. That’s what the three men in the fiery furnace did. They didn’t know if God would physically save them, but they knew there was only one God (and the king wasn’t him). In the same way, God is calling us to stand humbly yet boldly on is promises, trusting Christ can rescue us physically and will always rescue us eternally.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 7:  God's View of Church & State  

    God has given the Christian church a drastically different role than the government. When these roles are confused, society falls apart…and God gets a bad name. This message seeks to restore a biblical view of the roles of church and state.

  • United We Stand (Week 1)

    United We Stand (Week 1)

    May 8:  We Believe In The Holy Christian Church  Notes / Podcast / Video

    When John peeked into heaven, he saw a multitude that no one could count. According to my WELS statistical yearbook, we are able to count our fellow WELSers! That must mean that the Spirit is at work in other churches, which preach the gospel. This sermon is meant to help us appreciate other Christian churches and denominations and be thankful that they exist, preaching Christ crucified.

  • Tug Of War (Week 2)

    Tug Of War (Week 2)

    September 20:  Me vs. Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    "What’s in it for me?"  It is one of those mottos that drives people today, and it’s impact on our church is real.  What we are after is often more programs or at least the right ones for me and my family.  So, what is it that drives you in your choice of this church (or any church)?  While what our church does and offers can be a blessing, why we do it is what truly matters.  As a church we need to remember that church is not about me but about Jesus and doing everything to and for His glory.