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  • 922.0 (Week 4)

    922.0 (Week 4)

    October 2:  Every Member Is A Missionary  
    Notes / Podcast

    Unfortunately the 21st century Christianity has an image problem in the eyes of unchurched people. Sadly, this impacts the opportunities we have in our community to carry out our mission to reach people that aren’t being reached. So what can we do as a church to change this perception? What if we were a church where every member invests, invites, evangelizes and serves unchurched/non-Christian people in Jesus’ name. Why? Because our community, coworkers, neighbors, teammates and friends all have a soul that will spend eternity somewhere. You might be the person God uses to draw them with love and then share the message of God’s love.

  • 922.0 (Week 3)

    922.0 (Week 3)

    September 25:  Every Home Is A Sanctuary  
    Notes / Podcast

    What if we were a church where every family was stronger - where the home was a place of love not disfunction? Would it make for a stronger church family? Why is this so vital for us as a church? Because home is where the heart is (shaped). While we love church, most spiritual growth happens at home when we meditate on God’s Word. This is where marriages are made and children come to know the most about God. We want a church where every home is filled with the Word, prayer, worship and casual conversations about God.

  • 922.0 (Week 2)

    922.0 (Week 2)

    September 18:  Every Group Is A Community (Beyond Sunday) 

    Notes / Podcast

    Being a Christian is more than a Sunday thing…because we are family. In order to grow as a family we need to grow in our faith and do life together. At St. Peter & The CORE this happens when we participate in Group Bible study and Life Groups. As a part of these groups members love one another, confess to one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens, etc. Why? Because no one can be the kind of Christian God wants them to be by themselves. We need others to grow as God calls us to grow…and they need us too.