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  • 922.0 (Week 1)

    922.0 (Week 1)

    September 11:  Every Sunday Is An Opportunity (Winning Matters)   

    Notes / Podcast

    Every church service is an opportunity for clear teaching, moving music, memorable visuals and a “you first” guest culture. Why? Because every Sunday people are coming to church for the first time in a long time! In order to make the most of our opportunities as 1 church on 2 campuses to love them, inspire them and introduce them to our amazing God, what might we do to “win” souls for Jesus? Why? Because every soul matters to Jesus!

  • Tug Of War (Week 5)

    Tug Of War (Week 5)

    October 11:  Sunday vs. Monday  Notes / Podcast

    All too often we feel the tug to just “act like a Christian” by punching the church clock.  We do the church thing but leave Jesus behind at the door.   We take our Christian hat off at work only to put it back on when needed.   Church, however, isn’t something that we do.  Instead it is who we are.  In order for us to overcome this tug we need to be "Beyond Sunday Christians" by being in the Word every day so that we can maximize the other 167 hours/week to be salt and light in our homes and community.