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  • 922.0 (Week 4)

    922.0 (Week 4)

    October 2:  Every Member Is A Missionary  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Unfortunately the 21st century Christianity has an image problem in the eyes of unchurched people. Sadly, this impacts the opportunities we have in our community to carry out our mission to reach people that aren’t being reached. So what can we do as a church to change this perception? What if we were a church where every member invests, invites, evangelizes and serves unchurched/non-Christian people in Jesus’ name. Why? Because our community, coworkers, neighbors, teammates and friends all have a soul that will spend eternity somewhere. You might be the person God uses to draw them with love and then share the message of God’s love.

  • Me, A Missionary (Week 3)

    Me, A Missionary (Week 3)

    May 17:  The Missionary God Made Me To Be  Notes / Podcast

    Look at the 12 men who changed the history of the world. They were mostly uneducated peasants. Some had pasts. Some suggest they weren’t much more than older teenage boys! They ran with the wrong circles and had the wrong personalities. Yet, God used them in profound ways. Thankfully, all it takes to bring someone to faith is the Holy Spirit and he lives in you!


  • Me, A Missionary (Week 2)

    Me, A Missionary (Week 2)

    May 10:  Invest & Invite  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus told his friends that the world would praise God because of their love and their light. I’ve found that to be true. One of the most important things you can do is invest in others. Be the best neighbor your neighbors have ever had. Remember their names. Pray for them. Show unconditional love. Once people know you care, they care about what you know.


  • Me, A Missionary (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Me, A Missionary (Week 1)

    May 3:  The Good Thing About God  Notes / Podcast

    When God opens doors, we want to know what to say. I love Bill Hybels’ simples explanation of Christianity in under 2 minutes. The world tells us it’s about do/don’t (law), but Jesus is all about done (gospel). Give people a simple way to explain their faith and build confidence as evangelists.  

    Me, A Missionary (Series Summary)

    • May 3:  The Good Thing About God
    • May 10:  Invest & Invite
    • May 17:  The Missionary God Made Me To Be

    Me, a Missionary! Most Christians would finish that statement with a question mark. We believe we aren’t the right “type” to be missionaries for Jesus. We get scared. We don’t like talking to strangers. Knocking on doors and answering tough questions from skeptics is terrifying to us. It seems best to let others do that kind of work for the church. This series is meant to redefine what it means to be a missionary for Jesus so that the entire church sees itself as part of God’s plan to reach the lost.