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  • 922church (Week 2)

    922church (Week 2)

    September 14: Jesus Jump!   pdf  /  mp3

    Paul ridiculously prioritized the lost over his own comfort, preferences, childhood, customs, etc. Everything but the Word is up for grabs as we seek to best connect with those who don't yet know Jesus!

  • 922church (Series Summary & Week 1)

    922church (Week 1)

    September 7: As Many As Possible pdf / mp3

    A 922church in the 21st century....knows everyone we see today is loved by God, admits that many people still don't know that wonderful fact, and has a passion for saving the lost!  

    922church - Series Summary

    • Sept 7: As Many As Possible
    • Sept 14: You First
    • Sept 21: For Christ's Sake!
    • Sept 28: We're The Strict Ones
    • Oct 5: Mission Partner

    In January 2014, St. Peter and The CORE launched their new website -  Since that time many people - both guests and members - have asked the much expected Lutheran question, “What does this mean?”   After directing people to the “About” section on the website’s home page, they will find that the website is based on 1 Corinthians 9:22.  Since this new name has generated so much curiosity, we figured this year’s Mission/Vision series would be on what it means to be a “922church”.  As we dig into 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 in this series, we will see just what that means and the implications this has on our vision and mission as one church on two campuses.  We will see over the course of this series that this entire section of Scripture is an amazing summary on putting the lost first, the incredible calling we have to "save" people, Paul's push for excellence in ministry, and the stunning blessings of the gospel that we get to experience even as we work and push and sacrifice.