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  • 922church (Week 3)

    922church (Week 3)

    September 21: The Motivation   pdf  /  mp3

    "I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." (1 Corinthians 9:23) What is your motivation doing what you do?

  • 922church (Week 2)


    922church (Week 2)

    September 14: Jesus Jump!   pdf  /  mp3

    Paul ridiculously prioritized the lost over his own comfort, preferences, childhood, customs, etc. Everything but the Word is up for grabs as we seek to best connect with those who don't yet know Jesus!

  • 922Church

    922church (Week 1)

    September 7:  As Many As Possible  pdf / mp3

    A 922church in the 21st century....knows everyone we see today is loved by God, admits that many people still don't know that wonderful fact, and has a passion for saving the lost!  

    922church (Series Summary)

    • September 7: As Many As Possible
    • September 14: You First
    • September 21: For Christ's Sake!
    • September 28: We're The Strict Ones
    • October 5: Mission Partner

    In January 2014, St. Peter and The CORE launched their new website -  Since that time many people - both guests and members - have asked the much expected Lutheran question, “What does this mean?”   After directing people to the “About” section on the website’s home page, they will find that the website is based on 1 Corinthians 9:22.  Since this new name has generated so much curiosity, we figured this year’s Mission/Vision series would be on what it means to be a “922church”.  As we dig into 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 in this series, we will see just what that means and the implications this has on our vision and mission as one church on two campuses.  We will see over the course of this series that this entire section of Scripture is an amazing summary on putting the lost first, the incredible calling we have to "save" people, Paul's push for excellence in ministry, and the stunning blessings of the gospel that we get to experience even as we work and push and sacrifice.

  • Fight For The Faith (Week 2)

    Fight For The Faith (Week 2)

    August 31: How To Fight For The Faith   pdfmp3

    In order to fight, you have to prep then punch. This week we find out how to do just that.

  • Fight For The Faith (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Fight For The Faith (Week 1)

    August 24: Fight For The Faith pdf / mp3

    Sometimes tough conversations need to be had with Christians who are walking away from God.

    Fight For The Faith (Series Summary)

    • August 24: Fight For The Faith
    • August 31: How To Fight For The Faith

    As America moves further and further away from being a “Christian nation”, cultural and even church opposition continues to increase.  There is a greater need than ever for perseverance, wisdom, and courage to stand with Christ instead of turn into cowards.  Are we able to balance uncompromising orthodoxy with mercy/compassion?  Jude teaches us how in his one-chapter book.

  • American Idols

    American Idols

    • July 20:  Likes  pdf / mp3
    • July 27:  Looks  pdf / mp3
    • August 3:  Loot  pdf / mp3 
    • August 10:  Lust  pdf / mp3
    • August 17:  Love  pdf / mp3


    Every culture has idols.  Baal.  Asherah.  Artemis.  Zeus. We’ve unearthed the statues in Athens and in Jerusalem.  But what about our idols, the ones whose shrines are in our hearts and minds?  What do we worship in 2014 America?  We do we love even more than God’s commandments?  What do we trust in more than our heavenly Father?  What do we fear losing more than our faith?  What do we sacrifice in order to worship these gods?  And what is the true God offering us that these idols never will?



  • The Real Me

    The Real Me

    • June 22:  Despicable Me
      pdf / mp3
    • June 29:  It's Me...Again
      pdf / mp3
    • July 6:  The Me You Can't See 
    • pdf / mp3
    • July 13:  The Free Me
    • pdf / mp3


    A philosopher once said, “Know thyself.”  Vitally important words, both for me and for those who know me.  The church (and American culture in general) is known for faking it, for promoting the best moments of us without admitting the biggest struggles within us.  This series is about revealing who we are, which then reveals the stunning depth to which God’s love reaches.  The goal is not only to realize the beauty of the gospel, but to learn to live together in light of the reality of who we really are.

  • Installation: Pastor Mike Novotny

    Installation: Pastor Mike Novotny

    • June 15  mp3


    There are a lot of eyes focused on a new coming pastor, a lots of hopes, desires and expectations. Those things bring a lot of pressure on a person. But the Lord reminds us that the work isn’t going to get done by our own power or strength, but rather by the power of his Spirit.  The bottom line is that it is not up to me, the pastor, or us the members, but up to the Lord.

  • The Book Thief

    The Book Thief

    • June 8: Holy Spirit  pdf / mp3


    “The Book Thief” is a popular novel that has been made into a movie. It is the story of a young girl living in Germany in the midst of the horrors of WWII who finds comfort in reading books she has stolen. The novel has been called “an unforgettable story about the ability of books to feed the soul.”  As Christians we know that there is really only one Book that can feed the soul. We also know that there is a very real “book thief” who seeks to rob us of the blessings that come from reading God’s book.  “The Book Thief,” will help us realize the harm Satan brings to our souls by trying to keep God’s Word from our heart’s and minds.

  • Song Service

    Song Service

    • June 1


    Join us for a special Sunday of mini-devotions and beautiful music selected from "CORE Favorites" lifted in worship and praise of our Lord and Savior!

  • Disciple


    • May 4:  Mastering Fear
      pdf / mp3
    • May 11:  Game Face
      pdf / mp3
    • May 18: Discipline
      pdf / mp3
    • May 25: Starting Over
      pdf / mp3


    Our series explores our attempts to define our own relationship with Jesus as his disciples and how Jesus responds.  The example we explore in depth is Jesus’ relationship with Peter and Peter’s repeated attempts to try to define himself as a disciple of Jesus based on his own actions instead of Jesus’ actions.  We look at four ways that we strive to be perfect disciples, often missing the point that our strength as disciples comes from Jesus and not from ourselves.

  • I Doubt It

    I Doubt It

    • April 27:  Irreligious  
      pdf / mp3


    Religion doesn't bring much certainty because religion asks the wrong questions. Religion asks, "What do you believe?" and "What have you sacrificed?" This Sunday we will discover that religious behavior does not lead us to the truth about God. Instead it is God’s grace that leads us to the truth. In order to find God, you have to let go of your religion and simply trust in Christ.  Let go of religious thinking (works based righteousness) and embrace the gospel (Christ based righteousness). 

  • Easter 2014

    Easter 2014

    • April 20:  Easter With Friends  
      pdf / mp3


    Praise God that the tomb was empty on Easter morning!  Because Christ lives, we also will live one day with Him in heaven.

  • The Look

    The Look

    • March 2:  The Essential Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 9:  A Life Changing Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 16:  A Judgmental Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 23:  A Determined Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 30:  A 'Tough Love' Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • April 6:  An Unexpected Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • April 13:  A Bittersweet Look  
      pdf / mp3


    You know it when it happens to you...the look.  Husbands know the look - both good and bad.  Children know the many looks that might come from their parents.  The look at work comes in different forms depending on your relationships.  In the Bible there many examples of different people who got 'the look' from someone else for a very specific reason.  During this series we will take a look at the different looks and the significance of them.

  • The What If Experiment

    The What If Experiment

    • February 9:  What if there was no church?  pdf / mp3
    • February 16:  What if we were to do something different?  pdf / mp3
    • February 23:  What if no one _________?  pdf / mp3


    Movements that impact the lives of others usually start with a dream and the question "WHAT IF?".  When The CORE began 5 years ago we asked: What if we started a church where the unchurched could meet Jesus?  What if we became a beacon for a community in need?  What if we did things others aren’t doing to reach people others aren’t reaching?  God has done great things in this city and answered those "what ifs" with lives transformed by Jesus.   But, “WHAT IF” we were to forget those questions and the reasons behind why we do what we do?  During this 3 week series, "The What If Experiment", we will revisit some of these questions.  As a church family, we will do some soul searching, stretch our thinking, and challenge our norms.  We will also consider the possibilities of how God can use us to reach our community with the life-changing message of Jesus.  With His blessing, we will strive to accomplish even greater things in this city.

  • Re-Focus


    • February 2: Re-Focus  pdf / mp3


    It is a fact…people lose focus in life when it comes to personal goals and dreams. Businesses lose focus of where their business plan is leading them.  Even churches can lose focus of where they are and where they are going.  When focus is blurred, it is good to take time to Re-focus which is exactly what we will do with this 1 week series.  Time to Re-focus on our priorities, Re-focus to make sure we are on point, and Re-focus on what really matters.

  • All In!

    All In!

    • January 5:  Spiritual Resiliency             pdf / mp3
    • January 12:  Physical Resiliency                 pdf / mp3
    • January 19:  Emotional Resiliency             pdf / mp3
    • January 26:  Mental Resiliency                 pdf / mp3


    Spiritual Resiliency….in a new year what is life transformation all about?  What changes do I need to make to carry out God's command?  How is it possible?  What does it look like to be "All In" spiritually, emotionally, physically, and rationally (mentally)?  This series is a tone setter for more than the new year…..for my life of faith.

  • New Year's 2013

    New Year's 2013

    • November 29:  Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord…)  pdf / mp3


    As we look forward to what 2014 will bring, we can take a look at the promises that Simeon saw fulfilled when Jesus Christ was born.  This incredible story is a life-saving message that we need to sure with people all over the world.  In the months ahead, search for opportunities to share the story of "the salvation which God has prepared for all people".

  • B.C.


    • December 1:  The Promise  pdf / mp3
    • December 8:  The Voice  pdf / mp3
    • December 15:  The Names  pdf / mp3
    • December 22:  The Place  pdf / mp3
    • December 24:  The Night  pdfmp3


    In this series we will study the predictions in the Bible concerning the birth of Jesus, prophecies indicating that Christmas would happen began long before that night when Jesus was born and divided time itself into "B.C." and "A.D." Jesus' coming had been predicted for thousands of years. In fact, the Old Testament contains about 300 specific predictions about Jesus. This Christmas we'll study four of the major ones culminating in Jesus' arrival when the promise was fulfilled.

  • NEXT


    • November 17:  What Happens NEXT In My Life?  pdf / mp3
    • November 24:  What Happens NEXT at The CORE?  pdf / mp3


    NEXT For Me? Regain Perspective

    We’re not the first ones to ask what happens next. Timothy, the young pastor trained by the Apostle Paul asked it. Over a dozen times in Paul’s letters to Timothy, Paul encouraged him to “be strong.” You can’t help but draw the conclusion that Timothy was discouraged, feeling weak and alone. The work in Ephesus where he was stationed showed such promise, but now it seemed as if everything was caving in on him. Paul wanted Timothy to regain his perspective. In light of everything that has happened here at The CORE in the last year we might be feeling the same way as Timothy - discouraged, weak and alone.  Paul’s words to Timothy would be good for us to hear. Paul’s words suggest that the most important thing for us to do next is to regain perspective.

    NEXT For The CORE? Regain Purpose

    After three years of extensive training with the Savior, the disciples stood on the mountain with Jesus and wondered what was next. Oh, they had ideas. Specifically, the disciples thought that it was probably time for Jesus to build his kingdom on earth. In their minds, that was the next thing. They asked, “Now Lord? You going to do it now?”  In response Jesus pointed them in a completely different direction. He said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” He was saying, “I can do anything!”  “I have the power to do anything I want.” But then he said, “I’m not going to do what I want. I’m sending you to do it. You ‘Go and make disciples of all nations.’” The next thing for the disciples was to serve a purpose bigger and bolder and broader than they could ever imagine. And then before he unleashed them he gave the reminder, “I am with you always even to the end of the age.”

    As we sit and wonder what happens next at The CORE, the sobering reality needs to hit us that even though we’re living 20 centuries later and in a far different culture and world, the orders remain unchanged. What is needed next for us at The CORE is to regain that lofty purpose to which we have been called.

  • Games People Play

    Games People Play

    • October 13:  Angry Birds  pdf / mp3
    • October 20:  Balderdash  pdf / mp3
    • October 27:  Telephone  pdf / mp3
    • November 3:  Candy Crush  pdf / mp3
    • November 10:  Monopoly  pdf / mp3


    From board games to interactive online gaming, the people of our world are overwhelmed with variety of games they can play.  58% of Americans today play video games.  As a group, they play 3 billion hours a week as a planet.  A teen will rack up 10,000 hours of gaming by age 21.  For some people, the games they play are simply a form of entertainment.  However, many of those games send messages that impact us directly and indirectly.  In this series we will take a look at some popular games in light of spiritual issues like conflict/forgiveness, lying/honesty, materialism/contentment, works/grace, etc.

  • Radical


    • September 8:  Radical Mission  pdf / mp3
    • September 15:  Radical Faith  pdf / mp3
    • September 22:  Radical Relationships  pdf / mp3
    • September 29:  Radical Home  pdf / mp3
    • October 6:  Radical Church  pdf / mp3


    The word "radical" is a word that is often used in our world today, but probably not at church.  In fact, many Christians would say the church should not be radical in any way.  For most, Church = radical = not me & not my church.  But stop and consider the definition of the word "radical" - "favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions."  In Jesus’ day, he was considered a “radical”...and his mission for the church was radical as well.  The focus of this series will be to challenge each of us to look at ourselves, our church and Jesus' mission for his Church…then determine if it all lines up with God's mission for me, my life, and our church which is radical compared to world's view.  A final challenge will be for us to determine how all of this impacts our life of faith.

  • Mr. Know-It-All

    Mr. Know-It-All

    • August 4:  I Told You So  pdf / mp3
    • August 11:  Just Be Yourself  pdf / mp3
    • August 18:  Every Choice Counts.  Choose Wisely.  pdf / mp3
    • August 25:  Work The Plan  pdf / mp3
    • September 1:  There's No Substitute For Hard Work  pdf / mp3


    Do you think you are "wise" and if so how do you know?  Do you believe it is measured by your IQ?  Do you think being wise has more to do with street smarts than book smarts?   It can be difficult to define wisdom, but most people people think they can recognize it when they experience it.  Most people also know what it looks like when someone thinks they are wise but they are definitely not…aka a Mr. Know-It-All.  A Know-It-All is someone who claims to be an expert on a topic, but isn't.  A Know-It-All is someone who believes they know what they need to, and won't take advice.  Sadly all too often many of us think and act like spiritual "Know-It-Alls".  Over the next 5 weeks, we are going to take a look at the book of Proverbs (much of which was written by Solomon - one of the wisest people to ever live) and learn what real wisdom is, what it looks like, and know how it applies to your life.

  • Can You Hear Me Now?

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    • July 14:  The Motivation To Pray  pdf / mp3
    • July 21:  The Power Of Prayer  pdf / mp3
    • July 28:  God Answers Prayer  pdf / mp3


    This three week series will take a look at the importance of prayer in our every day lives.  Specifically, we will see that there is great privilege in prayer, great power in prayer, and the necessity for persistence in prayer.  You won't want to miss a week of this incredible series!