What can I expect when I visit The CORE?

The CORE is a place where hope comes to you through God’s Word and His Sacraments.  It is where you can discover what it means to have a lifelong relationship with your Savior.

You don’t have to pretend your life is perfect.  At The CORE you will find a friendly relaxed place where you will be encouraged, challenged, and taught through God’s Word how to connect to your Savior.  You will hear God’s Word as it applies to you in your daily life.

What is a worship service at The CORE like?

At The CORE, we'll give you straight, honest talk about the issues that concern you as well as the feelings that trouble you.  Our messages and music will put your life into the context of God's Word so that you can see His purpose and promises for you.  We pray that church worship at The CORE will connect with you, your heart, and your life.

What do I wear to worship at The CORE?

You don’t have to dress up to come to The CORE.  We want you to come to church just as you are.

When is worship at The CORE?

Sunday nights at 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Where is The CORE located?

222 W. Franklin Street Appleton, WI 54911

What’s in a name?

You may be asking yourself, “What kind of a name is ‘The CORE’ for a church?”  Though it seems simple on the surface, there is a much deeper significance to the name “The CORE”.  First and foremost, we recognize that Jesus is at the core of everything we are about as a church.  We also recognize Jesus should be at the core of everything we do in our day to day lives as Christians here on earth.  Choosing to call our church “The CORE” serves as a constant reminder that we are here to help you strengthen your most important core, your spiritual core, so that Jesus can be the core of everything you are about as well.

Where We’ve Been

The CORE was started as a second campus of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Appleton, WI.  Like St. Peter, The CORE is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The purpose of the downtown campus is to have a church that, without compromising our beliefs, removes all barriers possible to reaching people with the lifesaving message of Jesus’ love and gift of salvation.

Our Vision

The CORE seeks to connect people in a personal, intimate, lifelong relationship with their Savior.  We do that through worship that is relevant as well as through Life Groups where Christians can be real and relational.  Our goals are to create an environment where people can encourage each other daily to live their faith and to bring others into a relationship with their Savior.