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  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 9)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 9)

    July 31:  Faith Works Against Greed  Notes / Podcast / Video

    The love of money is a monster in the heart of a human being. Greed leads to injustice leads to the judgment of God. James warns us about loving money more than loving our Maker.

  • American Idols

    American Idols

    • July 20:  Likes  pdf / mp3
    • July 27:  Looks  pdf / mp3
    • August 3:  Loot  pdf / mp3 
    • August 10:  Lust  pdf / mp3
    • August 17:  Love  pdf / mp3


    Every culture has idols.  Baal.  Asherah.  Artemis.  Zeus. We’ve unearthed the statues in Athens and in Jerusalem.  But what about our idols, the ones whose shrines are in our hearts and minds?  What do we worship in 2014 America?  We do we love even more than God’s commandments?  What do we trust in more than our heavenly Father?  What do we fear losing more than our faith?  What do we sacrifice in order to worship these gods?  And what is the true God offering us that these idols never will?