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  • Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    May 31:  Conquering Porn Together  Notes / Podcast

    Conquerors, Conquer!—As forgiven, cleansed, and holy children of God, our loving Father gives us wisdom to conquer our sinful habits.  Listen to the loving wisdom of your heavenly Father as he teaches you to conquer old habits and to help those you love conquer theirs.  

  • Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 1)

    May 24:  Graphic Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Christ Conquers Porn!--Sexual sin tempts most Christians.  Swimsuit issues, racy sex scenes, pop-up ads, provocative Facebook posts, and a thousand other images are pushed at God’s people every day.  The result?  Many fall into temptation and even habitual sin.  We promise God we’ll change, but change doesn’t happen quickly.  That’s why sexual sinners need Jesus.  He not only was tempted in such ways, but he gave his life so that sexual sinners wouldn’t need to be ashamed in front of God, but to approach His throne with boldness and confidence.  

    Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary)

    • May 24:  Graphic Grace
    • May 31:  Conquering Porn Together

    When it comes to sexual purity, many Jesus-loving, church-going people feel conquered.  Defeated.  Ashamed. Weak.  Struggles with pornography, lust, masturbation, and impurity are increasingly common among both men and women in the church.  So, what should sexual sinners do?  Run to Jesus! Jesus is the one who sought out sexual sinners, loved them, and gave his life to make them pure in the sight of God.  Jesus is also the one who taught churches to value honest confession and mutual encouragement.  This series is meant to help sexual sinners and equip those who love sexual sinners so that all might believe, “We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us!” (Romans 8:37)

  • American Idols

    American Idols

    • July 20:  Likes  pdf / mp3
    • July 27:  Looks  pdf / mp3
    • August 3:  Loot  pdf / mp3 
    • August 10:  Lust  pdf / mp3
    • August 17:  Love  pdf / mp3


    Every culture has idols.  Baal.  Asherah.  Artemis.  Zeus. We’ve unearthed the statues in Athens and in Jerusalem.  But what about our idols, the ones whose shrines are in our hearts and minds?  What do we worship in 2014 America?  We do we love even more than God’s commandments?  What do we trust in more than our heavenly Father?  What do we fear losing more than our faith?  What do we sacrifice in order to worship these gods?  And what is the true God offering us that these idols never will?