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  • Audience of 1 (Week 4)

    Audience Of 1 (Week 4)

    January 25:  The Temple
    (Physical Resiliency)  Notes / Podcast

    We know most New Year’s resolutions involve our bodies…“I am going to lose 20 pounds…exercise more and eat better…stop smoking…drink less…deal with my addiction to _______”. Doctor’s preach it and research backs it up, taking care of our bodies is important. Yet, why is it that so many people fail in these areas? Perhaps at the top of the list is our motivation - who we are doing it for? Knowing whose temple your body is vital and changes our reason for being physically resilient.  

  • Audience of 1 (Week 3)

    Audience Of 1 (Week 3)

    January 18:  The Power of 1
    (Emotional Resiliency)  Notes / Podcast

    We know in life difficult events happen every day - marriages end in divorce, cancer is diagnosed, and jobs are lost. However, how we deal with them when they happen to us is another story. When events happen, our thoughts and feelings quickly follow. It is in these moments when living for an audience of one is so crucial because it is what drives our behavior and determines where we run to. Living for an audience of 1 in these moments demands that we align our behavior by relying solely on the power of 1 - God.  

  • Audience of 1 (Week 2)

    Audience Of 1 (Week 2)

    January 11:  Good, Better, Best
    (Spiritual Resiliency)  Notes / Podcast

    When you ask someone the question, “How are you doing?” how do you respond? Odds are pretty good on several occasions, you have answered, “Busy!” There is no doubt are lives are busy, but when they become crazy busy it can easily impact living our live for an audience of one. Living life with more craziness than we want is often times an indicator that our spiritual life is out of whack. We need to remember that while life offers many good things - one is best and that is time spent at the feet of Jesus.