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  • Audience of 1 (Week 4)

    Audience Of 1 (Week 4)

    January 25:  The Temple
    (Physical Resiliency)  Notes / Podcast

    We know most New Year’s resolutions involve our bodies…“I am going to lose 20 pounds…exercise more and eat better…stop smoking…drink less…deal with my addiction to _______”. Doctor’s preach it and research backs it up, taking care of our bodies is important. Yet, why is it that so many people fail in these areas? Perhaps at the top of the list is our motivation - who we are doing it for? Knowing whose temple your body is vital and changes our reason for being physically resilient.  

  • All In!

    All In!

    • January 5:  Spiritual Resiliency  
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    • January 12:  Physical Resiliency  
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    • January 19:  Emotional Resiliency  
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    • January 26:  Mental Resiliency  
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    Spiritual Resiliency….in a new year what is life transformation all about?  What changes do I need to make to carry out God's command?  How is it possible?  What does it look like to be "All In" spiritually, emotionally, physically, and rationally (mentally)?  This series is a tone setter for more than the new year…..for my life of faith.