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  • Before & After (Week 4)

    Before & After: Easter Changes Everything (Week 4)

    May 3:  Turning Point  Notes /  Podcast

    Sometimes in life, even when we think we have all the plans just right, even when we’ve made all the right moves, even when we’ve taken every possible detail into account, sometimes God has other plans. Saul had everything planned, and he was doing it with great passion. But Saul ran into one of these turning points that we have been talking about. You could say it was a "God moment", and his life is one of the most dramatic "Before and After" stories recorded in Scripture. Saul became the greatest missionary the church has ever known. So what was the difference? The difference was Jesus, and a risen Jesus changes everything! Saul (Paul) was never the same again and neither are we.  

  • Before & After (Week 3)

    Before & After: Easter Changes Everything (Week 3)

    April 26:  Only The Best  Notes /  Podcast

    You've heard the phrase "in one ear and out the other." Those words dare not apply to God's Word! We are encouraged to not only listen to Jesus, but also do what He says! We do this because God did something for us - He planted the "word of truth" (James 1:18) in our hearts, and we can't help but live for Him!  

  • Before & After (Week 2)

    Before & After: Easter Changes Everything (Week 2)

    April 19:  Godly Swagger  Notes /  Podcast

    Do you talk the talk, or walk the walk? No disciple talked a bigger game during Jesus' ministry than Peter did, but how he handled himself in tough situations didn’t match his words. Fear can do that to you! But Easter changed everything for Peter as it does for us. Easter’s reality changes how we present ourselves to the world as well. In the situations we face, we no longer have a spirit of fear but one of power, love and self-discipline.