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  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 6)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 6)

    July 12:  A Way Out Notes / Podcast

    No one likes to lose, let’s be honest. And when it comes to the ultimate battle we face in our spiritual lives - our God wants us to keep this front and center of our prayer life. We pray and call on God to intervene so evil wouldn’t win. and that Satan doesn’t get the last word in this life and beyond. As we pray for God to deliver us from evil we get a chance to see and celebrate that in the end God and good has and always will triumph over evil. 

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    July 5:  A Way Out Notes / Podcast

    A world where we wouldn’t face any temptations would be ideal, but it’s not realistic. This side of heaven we will face temptations. The honest truth is that we are all tempted, temptation is difficult, but for Christians it is not impossible to overcome because God always has a way out. We pray that God would both keep temptation far away from us and also help us when temptation knocks to not be led into it which requires us to have a temptation battle plan in place for when it comes calling. 

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    June 28:  Kick Karma to the Curb Notes / Podcast

    The 5th petition is about not giving people what they deserve. We ask it every day from God in our confession and God wants his mercy to drive karma out of our lives. Don’t give people what they deserve. Forgive as God has forgiven you.