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  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 6)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 6)

    July 12:  Deliver Us From Evil Notes / Podcast

    We ask God to intervene so evil wouldn’t win. Bring out all the ways that God makes sure Satan doesn’t get the last word. He stops evil from touching us. He uses evil for our good. He takes us to heaven out of this evil world.

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    July 5:  Lead Us Not Into Temptation Notes / Podcast

    We are all tempted, but God always has a way out. We pray that God would keep temptation far away from us (not just me, but other Christians too).  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    June 28:  Forgive Us As We Forgive Notes / Podcast

    The 5th petition is about not giving people what they deserve. We ask it every day from God in our confession and God wants his mercy to drive karma out of our lives. Don’t give people what they deserve. Forgive as God has forgiven you.  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 3)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 3)

    June 21:  Everything You Need  Notes / Podcast

    Teach the bigness of this phrase and connect it to the generous heart of God. How miserable would this very moment be if God didn’t give this bread (a government to protect us, bodies that work, air to breathe, beauty to see, breakfast to eat, family that loves, neighbors that protect, etc).  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    June 14:  My Kingdom Come  Notes / Podcast

    I like to summarize petitions 1, 2, & 3 with the phrase “teach, believe, and do”. When we teach the truth, believe the truth, and live according to the truth, God’s name is hallowed, his kingdom comes, and his will is done.  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 1)

    June 7:  Me & My Dad  Notes / Podcast

    Our Father in Heaven....the address says it all. God wants us to come to him as children of a loving father who don’t care about the right words and don’t care about bugging him too much. They come with confidence and expectation because they know this is the man who loves them and has proven it 1,000 times.  

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Series Summary)

    • June 7:  Me & My Dad
    • June 14:  My Kingdom Come
    • June 21:  Everything You Need
    • June 28:  Forgive Us As We Forgive
    • July 5:  Lead Us Not Into Temptation
    • July 12:  Deliver Us From Evil

    The Lord’s Prayer was not only Jesus’ model for prayer, but also has become the most famous prayer ever. But what does it mean? Why did Jesus Choose those words? The goal of this series is to teach the Lord’s Prayer so well that people want to pray it every day with passion and meaning.