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  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 5)

    July 5:  Lead Us Not Into Temptation Notes / Podcast

    We are all tempted, but God always has a way out. We pray that God would keep temptation far away from us (not just me, but other Christians too).  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 4)

    June 28:  Forgive Us As We Forgive Notes / Podcast

    The 5th petition is about not giving people what they deserve. We ask it every day from God in our confession and God wants his mercy to drive karma out of our lives. Don’t give people what they deserve. Forgive as God has forgiven you.  

  • The Carrot (Week 2)

    The Carrot (Week 2)

    January 11:  The Fuel For Forgiveness  Notes / Podcast

    The Bible tells us not to repay evil for evil (Romans 12:17). The Bible also tells us to forgive....more times than we can count....those who wrong us (Matthew 18:22). But forgiveness alone is say nothing about forgiving countless times! This week we find out where we can find the fuel to forgive.