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  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 8)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 8)

    September 6:  One Another Notes / Podcast

    The conclusion of Paul’s letters reminds us that Paul wasn’t a lone ranger in life or in ministry.  He spends paragraphs sending greetings to his friends and from his friends.  Even in prison, Paul was surrounded by “one another”.  In the same way, we are striving to be a church that doesn’t just gather to listen to a pastor, but truly does life with “one another”.  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 7)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 7)

    August 30:  Me & Authority  Notes / Podcast

    Everyone deals with authority.  Either we are under someone else’s authority (as children, employees, etc.) or we are in a position of authority (as head of the household, parent, boss, etc.).  So, how does Jesus change our view of authority?  In a radical way!  Jesus gives those under authority the greatest reason to humbly serve and Jesus gives those in authority the greatest reason to humbly lead.  

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  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 6)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 6)

    August 23:  God's Kids Do Good  Notes / Podcast

    Finding your identity in Jesus changes everything.  You set your mind on the things of Jesus because Jesus is your life.  You put to death the old sinful patterns and embrace the “new you” who is remade into the image of God.  Paul encourages the Colossians (and us) to fix our thoughts on Jesus in heaven and let our lives follow His ways.  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 5)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 5)

    August 16:  Endangered Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    Every culture believes it has found something better than Jesus.  The Colossians battled Jewish ritualism, hyper-spiritual angel worshipers, and more.  That is why Paul trumpeted the “bigness” of Jesus.  Only Jesus is God in human flesh.  Only Jesus can make you spiritually alive.  Only Jesus can take away sins.  Therefore, cling to Jesus!  In 2015 America, there are plenty of philosophies that claim to be better than “old time Christianity” (e.g. vague spirituality, follow-your-feelings-philosophy, scientism, ritualistic religion, etc.), but none can offer the glorious blessings Jesus can.  So, cling to Jesus!  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 4)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 4)

    August 9:  Labor Pains  Notes / Podcast

    Proclaiming a supreme Jesus is not easy.  Paul is suffering (and writing this letter from prison!) and knew he would suffer more for the gospel.  Yet, like a mother’s labor pains, this suffering has a purpose—to make people perfect through faith in Jesus.  In our day, we might suffer for bold gospel proclamation, yet those “labor pains” are producing beautiful sons and daughters of God!  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 3)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 3)

    August 2:  We Believe In [caps lock] JESUS!  Notes / Podcast

    Some people think of Jesus as a guru, a guide, a rabbi, or a wise teacher.  But Paul insists Jesus is much, much more.  Jesus is the creator of Saturn, the respiratory system, and the water cycle.  Jesus is the One who ensures God doesn’t go to war against sinners.  Jesus is the one who gave his life so that sinners could be free from sin’s accusations.  Our Jesus is supreme.  Our Jesus is truly [caps lock] JESUS.  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Week 2)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 2)

    July 26:  What Pastors Pray  Notes / Podcast

    Paul passionately prayed that the Colossians would walk with God (aka live a God-pleasing life).  That is why he prayed for their knowledge, both knowledge of God’s law, which would guide them down the right walking path, and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus, which would energize them to follow that same path.  In the same way, we pray passionately for a deep knowledge of both the law and the gospel.  

  • [caps lock] JESUS (Series Summary & Week 1)

    [caps lock] JESUS (Week 1)

    July 19:  Changed  Notes / Podcast

    When Paul heard about the Colossians, he couldn’t stop thanking God.  Their faith in Jesus and their love for people was obvious, and it was growing.  But Paul knew faith and love don’t produce themselves, but rather “spring from” the promises of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, he thanked God for transforming the Colossians’ hearts.  In the same way, our church leaders thank God when they see and hear about your faith in Jesus and the evident love you have for others.  

    [caps lock] JESUS (Series Summary)

    • July 19:  Changed
    • July 26:  What Pastors Pray
    • August 2:  We Believe In [caps lock] JESUS!
    • August 9:  Labor Pains
    • August 16:  Endangered Jesus
    • August 23:  God's Kids Do Good
    • August 30:  Me & Authority
    • September 6:  One Another

    Is Jesus enough?  That is the 2,000 year old question every religion, philosophy, and spirituality has been trying to answer.  When it comes to intelligence, wisdom, understanding, morality, salvation, forgiveness, marriage, money, work, and life, is Jesus enough?  The answer depends on what kind of Jesus you believe in.  [caps lock] JESUS is a verse-by-verse study of Colossians, Paul’s New Testament letter, which reminds us who Jesus actually is and how the real Jesus is actually enough.