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  • Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    December 24: Jesus Christ Is Born


    Is Christmas worth the hype? After all the shopping, cooking, planning, and partying, is the holiday season worth it? The Apostle Paul thinks so. 2,000 years ago, Paul described the meaning of Christmas in one simple sentence, a sentence that reminds us all what this season is truly about and why Jesus is worth all the hype in the world.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    December 22: What About Doubt


    How can you be blessed in the midst of an imperfect Christmas? If God hasn’t covered your life in blessings and you are struggling to trust him, what do you do? Jesus’ best friend, sitting behind bars, asked that same question. And this was Jesus’ answer.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    December 15: To God Be The GLory


    What do you do with a less-than Christmas? When you are less popular, less known, less loved, and feeling less than, where do you turn? John knows the perfect answer to that question, an answer that brings joy back to empty hearts.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    December 8: Jesus Is Worth The Hype


    Is God pleased with you? If you could see the Father’s face, would a smile spread across his lips? If you are unsure of your answer, look to John standing with Jesus and listen to the voice that booms from heaven. At Jesus’ baptism and through your baptism, God answers life’s most important questions.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    December 1: Prepare For Christmas


    How impressive is your Jesus? The answer to that question might determine the quality of your Christmas. That’s why John wants to remind you who Jesus really is and how impressive his work really was.

  • Classic Christmas (Christmas Day)

    Classic Christmas
     (Christmas Day)

    December 25: Beautiful Feet


    I'll bet you've said to someone at some time in your life, "You have a beautiful smile," "You have a beautiful voice." "You have beautiful eyes." That's pretty common to say something like that. Once in awhile someone might say to someone, "You have beautiful feet." You probably know someone, woman or man, who has had a pedicure. Toe nails clipped. Polished and buffed. Foot massage. New color. . . . Beautiful feet. The prophet Isaiah spoke of beautiful feet. There was no pedicure though. Dusty feet. Worn sandals. Dirty toes. Yet those feet were more beautiful than the most expensive pedicure that could be purchased. Come to Christmas Day worship to hear about some of the most beautiful feet ever!

  • Classic Christmas (Christmas Eve)

    Classic Christmas
     (Christmas Eve)

    December 24: The Savior Is Born!


    Life slows down after Christmas. The season passes and the winter blues begin. But not on that first Christmas. The shepherds burst with good news blurted out to anyone who would listen. Mary treasured up the truths about her newborn son. People went home glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen. What if we did the same?

  • Classic Christmas (Week 4)

    Classic Christmas
     (Week 4)

    December 23: Even Angels Glorify Jesus


    There are many classic songs of the Christmas season but nothing quite matches the first song of Christmas, the song of the angels in Bethlehem. Their lyrics are few, but their meaning is profound. God’s favor. Peace on earth. Glory to Him on high!

  • Classic Christmas (Week 3)

    Classic Christmas
     (Week 3)

    December 16: Best. Birth. Ever.


    Few things are as exciting as finding a Christmas gift labeled To: (You). The label means someone thought about us. Someone loved. Someone searched for just the right gift. No passage proves God’s giving heart more than Luke 2:11, the classic summary of the Gift of Christmas.

  • Classic Christmas (Week 2)

    Classic Christmas
     (Week 2)

    December 9: Good News for Black (and White) Sheep


    Christmas is a time when families gather, for better or for worse. Tense relationships are revealed. Sins come front and center. Which is what makes Luke 2 so incredible. The shepherds, infamous in the ancient world for their lack of character, are God’s first audience for Christmas. Angels bring good news of great joy to take away their fear and welcome them (and us) to the family of God.

  • Classic Christmas (Advent)

    Classic Christmas

    December 5: Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?


    Christmas has been called "the most wonderful time of the year." But why doesn't it always feel that way? Why is it that throughout the season we often feel exhausted and, by the end, find some disappointment making us glad in some way that the holidays are over? Is it possible to not only say that Christmas is the most wonderful season of all but to experience it as so? Come and listen in to Isaiah 9:1-7, our Advent Meditation, and find what truly makes Christmas magical - truly, the most wonderful time of the year. Come and see that at Christmas, God's Enchanted Kingdom is closer than ever. Come and enter in!

  • Classic Christmas (Week 1)

    Classic Christmas
     (Week 1)

    December 2: The Christmas History


    Many people view Christmas as a season of wishes, dreams, and heart-warming tales. Rudolph, Frosty, Tiny Tim, and other fictional figures give us hope and make us feel good. But the Christian story of Christmas is radically different. Luke’s investigation was about facts, not feelings. Luke 2 gives us the real people, real places, and real hope that we find in a real, historical Jesus. This message reminds us that Jesus’ birth actually happened, which is heart-warming news!

  • Old School (Week 5) - Christmas Day

    Old School
     (Week 5) - Christmas Day

    December 25: An Old School Response to Christ's Birth


    Big news - The Savior has been born!.

  • Old School (Week 5)

    Old School
     (Week 5) - Christmas Eve

    December 24: Sleep In Heavenly Peace


    There is little peace on planet earth. The headlines, now here at home, rob us of our peace and make us fear for the future. But Micah promised the baby born in little Bethlehem would have great power. His love would allow us to live securely and he would become our peace.

  • Old School (Week 4)

    Old School
     (Week 4)

    December 17: Jesus Shepherds His People


    Christmas can be painful if people are far apart. Holidays are hard for the separated and divorced and for families whose bonds have been ripped apart by sin. But Jeremiah promised that Jesus would be “our righteousness,” the gift that makes our relationship with God right.

  • Old School (Week 3)

    Old School
     (Week 3)

    December 10: Christ Is The Light Of The World


    Some of us remember driving around town to check out the lights. In the midst of the dark season of winter, lights wow and impress us and bring joy to our hearts. Jesus did the same thing. Isaiah promised that those living in the land of the shadow of death would see a dawning light. Jesus is wonderful, a counselor, a perfect father who never leaves, a king over all governments, and so much more.

  • Old School (Week 2)

    Old School
     (Week 2)

    December 3: God Is With Us


    One of the magical things about Christmas is being with people. From family celebrations to work parties to special services, we tend to gather with others who bring us laughter and joy (hopefully!). But the greatest part of Christmas is knowing that God is with us. The virgin gave birth to a child and called him Immanuel.

  • Old School (Week 1)

    Old School
     (Week 1)

    November 26: The First Christmas Promise


    Jesus first “appears” in a promise made to two of history’s biggest failures, Adam and Eve. Although their doubt and sin brought death, pain, and frustration into our world, God made them the oldest promise of all, a promise to crush the Devil and his accusations. We might feel like failures too, especially around the Christmas season. Maybe we didn’t keep our promises to God or our resolutions to be better people. But God’s old school promise still stands.

  • The One (Christmas Eve)

    The One (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  "The One" Is Born!  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Many things will get in the way of your worship. For the Magi, it was an insecure and murderous king. For us, it might be ignorance, busyness, or empty religion. But follow the light of God’s Word and you will get to Jesus. In the face of the One you will see all that you need to give the best treasures that you have to offer.

  • The One (Week 4)

    The One (Week 4)

    December 18:  The Way Of Worship  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Many things will get in the way of your worship. For the Magi, it was an insecure and murderous king. For us, it might be ignorance, busyness, or empty religion. But follow the light of God’s Word and you will get to Jesus. In the face of the One you will see all that you need to give the best treasures that you have to offer.

  • The One (Week 3)

    The One (Week 3)

    December 11:  God Is With Us!  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    The names of Jesus are essential to worshiping the One. He is Immanuel, God with us. He is Jesus, the Savior from sin. The more names of Jesus you truly know and understand, the more you will love Jesus.

  • The One (Week 2)

    The One (Week 2)

    December 4:  Repent & Believe In "The One"  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Christmas season starts sooner every year…from the music to the deals, there’s more time than every to be prepared. But are you ready for The One’s arrival? John the baptist had a message we still need to hear so that we don’t miss that Christmas is about more than trees and gifts, it’s about the arrival of The One.

  • The One (Week 1)

    The One (Week 1)

    November 27:  "The One" Is Not Ashamed Of Us  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    You might think a list of dozens of Jewish names is worth skimming or skipping. But don’t! Jesus’ family tree reminds us that the One came from a long line of sinners, and he came for a long line of sinners. So, if you stand in that line, look to the One!

  • MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  More God  Notes / Podcast

    Do you know God? Do you know him personally and love him deeply? Is God the one and only thing you must have to be okay today? If not, you don’t know him well enough just yet. But John wants to help. He wants to give us all más Christ so we can have más God!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    December 20:  More Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Balancing no-strings-attached love and unbending, biblical truth is no easy task. But that is exactly what Jesus did. Come and meet the One who refused to water down the expectations of love, yet poured out love to the very people who didn’t measure up to God’s expectations. Find más truth and grace in Christ!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 3)

    MÁS Christ (Week 3)

    December 13:  Know Christ Más  Notes / Podcast

    Have you experienced the glory? Is your life driven by the glory of God that you have seen in Jesus? If not, you are not alone. Most of us go through life with a small vision and little motivation. We need más! That is why John has some glorious words for you about the King of Glory!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 2)

    MÁS Christ (Week 2)

    December 6:  More Light  Notes / Podcast

    Do you get confused by life in this dark world? What is true? What should I believe? How should I live? What’s the point of my life? John has one answer to all of these essential questions—You need más Light. According to John, Light has a name!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 1)

    MÁS Christ (Week 1)

    November 29:  More Christ  Notes / Podcast

    Have you ever been overwhelmed by the love of God for you? If not, John has a few words you need to hear. Jesus’ old friend reminds us of the mountain of gifts Jesus is dropping off at your door every day of the year and how those gifts are meant to remind us of the Giver’s love. Come and find más gratitude in Christ.

  • Christmas E.R. (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas E.R. (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  The Cure  Notes / Podcast

    As we celebrate Christmas, we rejoice that Jesus, the Cure for our sin, came to earth!  

  • Christmas E.R. (Week 4)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 4)

    December 21:  The Delivery Room  Notes / Podcast

    The birth of a child is not without anticipation, excitement, and anxiety. Mary & Joseph could not have expected all that lead up to the birth of Jesus. But, this gift of a Holy Child was definitely one worth waiting for!  

  • Christmas E.R. (Week 3)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 3)

    December 14:  Scheduled Check-Ups  Notes / Podcast

    Pride can be a dangerous thing...especially when it comes to our spiritual health. Be sure to make regular visits with the Doctor from Bethlehem to get your daily dose of God's grace!  

  • Christmas E.R. (Week 2)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 2)

    December 7:  A Christmas Miracle  Notes / Podcast

    Have you ever witnessed a miracle? ...something that violates nature's laws of order and reason? Jesus' coming to earth as true man is one miracle that definitely worth mentioning!  

  • Christmas E.R. (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 1)

    November 30:  FDA Approved Notes / Podcast

    Are you looking for undisputed proof that Jesus is the reason for the season? What about undisputed proof that Jesus is who He says He is? We need look no further than the Bible which gives us all the facts!  

    Christmas E.R. (Series Summary)

    • November 30:  FDA Approved
    • December 7:  A Christmas Miracle
    • December 14:  Scheduled Check-Ups
    • December 21:  The Delivery Room
    • December 24:  Christmas Eve

    For 2,000 years, Christians have read, studied, and even memorized Dr. Luke’s account of the nativity.  This series hopes to take us back to that classic account and see the remedy for the sickness of sin.  Like a doctor, Luke has researched the facts and found a Holy Trinity approved prescription for the brokenness of our world.

  • B.C.


    • December 1:  The Promise  pdf / mp3
    • December 8:  The Voice  pdf / mp3
    • December 15:  The Names  pdf / mp3
    • December 22:  The Place  pdf / mp3
    • December 24:  The Night  pdfmp3


    In this series we will study the predictions in the Bible concerning the birth of Jesus, prophecies indicating that Christmas would happen began long before that night when Jesus was born and divided time itself into "B.C." and "A.D." Jesus' coming had been predicted for thousands of years. In fact, the Old Testament contains about 300 specific predictions about Jesus. This Christmas we'll study four of the major ones culminating in Jesus' arrival when the promise was fulfilled.