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  • Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    December 24: Jesus Christ Is Born


    Is Christmas worth the hype? After all the shopping, cooking, planning, and partying, is the holiday season worth it? The Apostle Paul thinks so. 2,000 years ago, Paul described the meaning of Christmas in one simple sentence, a sentence that reminds us all what this season is truly about and why Jesus is worth all the hype in the world.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    December 22: What About Doubt


    How can you be blessed in the midst of an imperfect Christmas? If God hasn’t covered your life in blessings and you are struggling to trust him, what do you do? Jesus’ best friend, sitting behind bars, asked that same question. And this was Jesus’ answer.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    December 15: To God Be The GLory


    What do you do with a less-than Christmas? When you are less popular, less known, less loved, and feeling less than, where do you turn? John knows the perfect answer to that question, an answer that brings joy back to empty hearts.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    December 8: Jesus Is Worth The Hype


    Is God pleased with you? If you could see the Father’s face, would a smile spread across his lips? If you are unsure of your answer, look to John standing with Jesus and listen to the voice that booms from heaven. At Jesus’ baptism and through your baptism, God answers life’s most important questions.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    December 1: Prepare For Christmas


    How impressive is your Jesus? The answer to that question might determine the quality of your Christmas. That’s why John wants to remind you who Jesus really is and how impressive his work really was.