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  • Classic Christmas (New Year's)

    Classic Christmas (New Year's)

    December 30: Follow The Star


    Our culture emphasizes a focus on the present. “It’s the journey, not the destination”. It’s not where you’ve been or where you’re going. What is important is where you are now. But what if the destination is better than the journey? We find the answer to that question in the Wisemen who visited Jesus in Bethlehem and for many are another part of what makes for a Classic Christmas.

  • Old School (Week 6)

    Old School
     (Week 6)

    December 31: "After Christmas" Perspective


    As the holidays wind down, we begin to wonder, "Can the peace and joy of Christmas last?" When looking at the world, it would seem entirely impossible. All too quickly we return to a broken reality vulnerable to decay in all things and death. However, through the eyes of old Simeon who met Jesus in the temple following the days of Christmas, we come to find our Savior still remains. And in Jesus, because of all he did after the holidays, peace and joy last through time and for eternity. This message on Simeon is our last Old School meditation which investigates through Luke 2:25-35 how peace and joy always remain in Christ no matter what comes after Christmas.

  • New Year's 2013

    New Year's 2013

    • November 29:  Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord…)
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    As we look forward to what 2014 will bring, we can take a look at the promises that Simeon saw fulfilled when Jesus Christ was born.  This incredible story is a life-saving message that we need to sure with people all over the world.  In the months ahead, search for opportunities to share the story of "the salvation which God has prepared for all people".