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  • Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    Christmas Hype (Week 3)

    December 15: John's Parting Message


    What do you do with a less-than Christmas? When you are less popular, less known, less loved, and feeling less than, where do you turn? John knows the perfect answer to that question, an answer that brings joy back to empty hearts.

  • Advent 2019

    Advent (2019)

    December 11: The Perfect Family Christmas


    Are you hoping for the perfect family Christmas? Do you have plans for how Christmas should go? Are you fearful that you won't have enough time to get it all done and even if you do, it might not be a guaranteed perfect Christmas? Listen in to the message as our God and Father sends to us the perfect forerunner, John the Baptist - the Hype Man of Christmas, to lead us to the perfect family Christmas in Christ inspired by Luke 1:17.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    Christmas Hype (Week 2)

    December 8: Family Pictures


    Is God pleased with you? If you could see the Father’s face, would a smile spread across his lips? If you are unsure of your answer, look to John standing with Jesus and listen to the voice that booms from heaven. At Jesus’ baptism and through your baptism, God answers life’s most important questions.