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  • Classic Christmas (Week 4)

    Classic Christmas (Week 4)

    December 23: Contact Has Been Made


    There are many classic songs of the Christmas season but nothing quite matches the first song of Christmas, the song of the angels in Bethlehem. Their lyrics are few, but their meaning is profound. God’s favor. Peace on earth. Glory to Him on high!

  • Classic Christmas (Week 3)

    Classic Christmas (Week 3)

    December 16: To: You


    Few things are as exciting as finding a Christmas gift labeled To: (You). The label means someone thought about us. Someone loved. Someone searched for just the right gift. No passage proves God’s giving heart more than Luke 2:11, the classic summary of the Gift of Christmas.

  • Classic Christmas (Week 2)

    Classic Christmas (Week 2)

    December 9: The Big Announcement


    Christmas is a time when families gather, for better or for worse. Tense relationships are revealed. Sins come front and center. Which is what makes Luke 2 so incredible. The shepherds, infamous in the ancient world for their lack of character, are God’s first audience for Christmas. Angels bring good news of great joy to take away their fear and welcome them (and us) to the family of God.