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  • Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    Christmas Hype (Week 1)

    December 1: Prepare For Christmas


    How impressive is your Jesus? The answer to that question might determine the quality of your Christmas. That’s why John wants to remind you who Jesus really is and how impressive his work really was.

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Thanksgiving 2019

    November 28: Praise the Lord, my soul!


    The pain or hurt of the moment can easily grab our attention, and drain the thankfulness out of our hearts. Our inner self-talk is negative and focused on everything going wrong. No one talks to you more than you! What is your inner voice saying? This Thanksgiving we will correct that inner voice, and make it tell God's truth. "Praise the Lord, my soul! And forget not all his benefits."

  • And... (Week 7)

    And... (Week 7)

    November 24: Unite AND Divide


    “Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good.” Paul knew that being devoted to God and his good will would be a lesson that many Christians would need to learn. This message, in light of the gospel, spurs us on to love God’s Word and to love the people God put into our lives.

  • And... (Week 6)

    And... (Week 6)

    November 17: Read AND Understand


    Some Christians talk all about grace and not much about works. Others focus on obedience after breezing past Jesus on the cross. Paul picks a middle ground. He focuses on the love of God in Christ, and explains how that shapes our lives as Christians.

  • And... (Week 5)

    And... (Week 5)

    November 10: God's Greatest Motivation


    How do we inspire people to change? How does change happen in our own lives? Paul knows there is something more powerful than guilt or demands to change our hearts and lives. That something is grace. Christians need high standards of behavior…and cannot forget the greatest motivation of all—the grace of God.

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