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  • Counter Culture (Week 2)

    Counter Culture (Week 2)

    April 10:  History is His-story  Notes / Podcast

    Who will win the 2016 presidential election? Who will choose the next Supreme Court justice? What about national security? These are important questions, and we ought to be concerned about them. But let us not forget that God works in, with, through, and sometimes in spite of us to see that his will is done. The truth is nothing happens by accident and that God is working out all of history for his purpose and always will be in control of His-story.

  • Counter Culture (Week 1)

    Counter Culture (Week 1)

    April 3:  Living In Babylon  Notes / Podcast

    Where do I draw the line in the sand for my faith? Many situations will make us uncomfortable, but some of them are not worth fighting over - it’s the unfortunate byproduct of living in Babylon. Knowing when to make our stand requires both wisdom and conviction. Daniel knew his limits and so must we when it comes to being around sin and being forced to sin.