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  • Counter Culture (Week 5)

    Counter Culture (Week 5)

    May 1:  God's Graffiti  Notes / Podcast

    “You should have known better. You should have learned from the past.” Daniel 5 is in the Bible for a reason - so that we know that what happened to Babylon could happen to us. Just as God humbled proud kings, he can do the same to us. Living in a sinful world affects us all as we are affected by pride and when we are we tend to take God for granted and forget him. Thankfully we have his Word that wakes us up out of our spiritual apathy. Thankfully it call us to repent and assures us that Jesus was not lacking and that his life is the measure by which we are judged.

  • Counter Culture (Week 4)

    Counter Culture (Week 4)

    April 24:  Dare To Be A Daniel  Notes / Podcast

    The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is one of the best-known stories in all the Bible. What is often overlooked is that in it we learn the secret of Daniel’s success in a spiritually hostile environment, namely, he was different and he wouldn’t compromise his faith and everyone saw it. We too live in a world where the temptation to compromise our faith is all around us and trouble will come when we stand up for our faith. As we face it, may we dare to be like Daniel unwavering in our faith in the real hero of the story Daniel’s God and our God.

  • Counter Culture (Week 3)

    Counter Culture (Week 3)

    April 17:  Faith Under Fire  Notes / Podcast

    Is it ever right for a Christian to disobey the law? This tension is real in a world where faith in God is decreasing. Believers living in a non-Christian world will often experience conflict between the laws of man and the Law of God. So what is a believer to do when these 2 worlds collide? Be good citizens, absolutely! Pray for our leaders, always! However when forced to disobey God, we “must obey God rather than man.” God has called us to be faithful to him and leave the outcome whatever it might be, in his hands.