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  • The Enemy Within (Week 4)

    The Enemy Within (Week 4)

    November 4: Approval/Success - "My Performance = My Worth"


    My value is determined by my performance! From your review at work to the raise you get, whether it’s the ACT score or GPA number that colleges look at - the message the world says is this is true. That’s what makes this enemy within us all so important to remove because spiritually on our own we are anything but a success. Thankful, our value in God’s eyes is not determined by our performance but by Jesus accomplishments - his perfect life, death in our place and resurrection. These things gives us something far better than worldly success, it gives us a hope and a future.

  • The Enemy Within (Week 3)

    The Enemy Within (Week 3)

    October 28: Anger - "You Owe Me"


    What makes you angry? Do you get furious when you don’t get what we want? Are you prone to bitterness and angry when you are inconvenienced, slighted, or unintentionally wronged? Are you prone to rage when someone hurts you and doesn’t apologize? When anger rears it’s ugly head, it often leaves an ugly trail in it’s wake within us: resentment, bitterness, longing for revenge and and sadly at times an unforgiving heart. Instead of letting the enemy within remain, God wants us to focus on and be fueled by one thing - forgiveness.

  • The Enemy Within (Week 2)

    The Enemy Within (Week 2) 

    October 21: Guilt - "I Owe You"


    Guilt says, "I owe you.” It’s the result of having done something that we perceived is wrong in our mind or we know in our heart is clearly wrong to God. Perhaps of all the enemies within this one more than other can paralyze us emotionally, cause us to act inappropriately, and despair spiritually. Thankfully God has the cure for guilt, it’s called grace.