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  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 2)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 2)

    March 10: Trust


    Fear filled the hearts of Jesus’ friends that night, especially after Jesus’ chilling words of denial. But that made Jesus’ promise all the sweeter. He was going to prepare a place for us. He would be the way to get to the Father. We could trust in him when our hearts our troubled. That’s the peace we need when we realize the sinfulness of our hearts.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 1)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 1)

    March 3: Love


    Jesus knew the time of his betrayal and death was drawing near. So, what did he do? He showed his friends the full extent of his love. He humbled himself, washed the very feet that would later abandon him, and encouraged his followers to love one another. In an age when many Christians are panicking, hiding, reacting, and living in fear, Jesus’ words are urgent for his 21st century friends.

  • The Enemy Within (Week 4)

    The Enemy Within (Week 4)

    November 4: Approval/Success - "My Performance = My Worth"


    My value is determined by my performance! From your review at work to the raise you get, whether it’s the ACT score or GPA number that colleges look at - the message the world says is this is true. That’s what makes this enemy within us all so important to remove because spiritually on our own we are anything but a success. Thankful, our value in God’s eyes is not determined by our performance but by Jesus accomplishments - his perfect life, death in our place and resurrection. These things gives us something far better than worldly success, it gives us a hope and a future.