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  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 7b)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Good Friday)

    April 19: Broken


    Thirsty, pierced, dead. Jesus walked straight into death so that we would not have to face death alone.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 7)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 7)

    April 14: Sent


    Why doesn’t God just take his kids out of this broken world? Answer: Because God wants more people to believe and be saved. This is how Jesus closed his epic prayer, a fact that reminds every Christian of the incredible calling we have to share our Savior with the world.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 6)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 6)

    April 7: Glory To God!


    Jesus’ longest recorded prayer is about the purpose of life—to glorify God and find joy in the process. In a world that is searching for joy, Jesus words are a surprising and powerful path.