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  • The Enemy Within (Week 1)

    The Enemy Within (Week 1)

    October 14: I'm My Own Worst Enemy


    “I’m my own worst enemy.” You heard it right…your biggest struggle lies within. From complacency to internal explosions, jealousy and guilt (and many other things) all reside within. Sinful thoughts will invade my mind and desires will bring shock and awe to my heart: not because I am inherently evil as a believer, but because I am inherently human who was born sinful and I’m a sinner living in a fallen world. So what’s the solution? In one word - Jesus! I need to know grace and in faith use the tools God gives his children to help guard their heart.

  • Death To Selfie (Week 7)

    Death To Selfie
     (Week 7)

    March 25: Death to Approval


    You would think that an extravagant offering for Jesus would receive the approval of the church. Not so. Judas and others criticized the the woman who anointed Jesus. The same thing happens today. Follow Jesus and the world might not approve. You’re wasting time. Wasting money. Wasting energy. Wasting your life. But Jesus defends those who love him. His approval is what matters the most, since it lasts forever.

  • Death To Selfie (Week 6)

    Death To Selfie
     (Week 6)

    March 18: Death to Comfort


    Jesus’ “pep talk” about the end of the age was less than comforting. Wars. Earthquakes. Flogging. Arrest. Hatred. Are we willing to walk with Jesus during the end times? Be hated? Die for him? If you know his promise of salvation and election, the answer is easy—Yes!