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  • Don't Be Fooled (Week 2)

    Don't Be Fooled (Week 2)

    November 20:  Judgement Is Coming  
    Notes / Podcast

    Many people have misconceptions about Judgement Day. Some say it will never happen. Some think that if it does happen, we all will end up in the same place. Some believe they are all good, because they are good people. Don’t be fooled! The truth is that there will come a day when Jesus will return. The truth is that when he does people will be separated - some will go to be with Jesus, others separated from God for all eternity. That’s why Jesus’ words about Judgment Day’s reality are so important, so that when it happens we are found standing next to Jesus for eternity.

  • Don't Be Fooled (Week 1)

    Don't Be Fooled (Week 1)

    November 13:  Be Prepared  
    Notes / Podcast

    Several movies of the 21st century have had an end of the world is near element in them. From astroids that are going to end life as we know it in 30 days, to alien invasions nearly ending the human race, we have seen it all. The movie, however, always ends with the disaster being averted. Don’t be fooled! The truth is it won’t be averted and we won’t when it’s coming. That’s why Jesus’ words to be ready at all times are so important because the date of his return is unknown.