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  • Evolution of Faith (Week 4)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 4)

    April 29: Inexpressible Joy


    Too often Christians see joy as something that has to wait until heaven. But Peter tells us that we can be filled with an inexpressible right here and right now as faith fills us with the joy of knowing Jesus as our Savior.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 3)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 3)

    April 22: Be Happy (In God)!


    Life in God’s family is not pain free. Peter is honest about suffering, grief, and “all kinds of trials.” But he also tells us God’s plan for our pain—to refine us and lead us to a greater desire to see God face to face.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 2)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 2)

    April 15: Evolve from Fear to Peace


    Peter praises God for the riches of the inheritance of God’s kids, riches that can’t fade, riches that are kept in heaven and shielded by God’s power. When we were reborn into God’s family, we became filthy rich with spiritual blessings.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 1)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 1)

    April 8: Evolve from Apathy to Praise


    Everyone wants hope, the firm belief that something better is coming. That’s exactly what Easter brings. The resurrection of Jesus gives us a “new birth into a living hope,” raising us from dead end “hopes” and giving us something to live for.