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  • Skeptical Faith (Week 5)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 5)

    August 4: God & Science


    The dichotomy of science/reason/logic/proof and faith/religion/belief/God is too much for many to overcome. How can people of faith share the Word with those who oppose faith altogether? Paul gives us two compelling answers in Romans 1-2.

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 4)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 4)

    July 28: Heaven & Hell


    Few things are more disturbing to modern skeptics than the idea of eternal torture for a sincere Buddhist or a run-of-the-mill sinner. How can a Christian scoundrel be saved while an upright atheist is condemned? What would God say in the face of such questions? Isaiah gives us God’s answer, stressing what is truly evil in God’s eyes and how anyone can find forgiveness in his sight.

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 3)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 3)

    July 21: But Christians Are Hypocrites!

    (Unfortunately, due to a power outage on July 20, 2019, we were unable to record a podcast or video of this week's message. Please see the attached notes for message details.)


    According to a survey published in unChristian, one of the most common objections to Christianity is the hypocrisy of Christians who don’t practice what they preach. Why follow Jesus if so many of his followers are self-righteous pretenders? Given the public scandals of so many church leaders, why wouldn’t we all throw organized religion on the trash pile and become independently spiritual? Jesus himself answers such questions in one of his hardest sermons.

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 2)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 2)

    July 14: Are We Naturally Good?


    Dr. D.A. Carson, a prolific Christian author and frequent college campus speaker, has said that the biggest pushback to his presentations is a belief in sin itself. More than ever, people believe they are inherently good and only the environment around them is bad. What people need is therapy and coping mechanisms but repentance and trust in God’s salvation. What would Jesus say to this heart-affirming objection? His words in Matthew 12 give a clear answer, one that drives us back to the gospel for our hope.

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 1)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 1)

    July 7: The Holy Bible?


    What makes the Bible believable? How do we know it is unique among all the beliefs, books, and religions of the world? Dr. Luke, a 1st century physician and author, has powerful answers. His introduction to the Gospel of Luke reminds us that Christianity is based not on blind faith but on historical facts.

  • 5th Annual Q&A Sunday

    5th Annual Q&A Sunday

    December 30: Your Questions, God's Answers


    Do you have questions about God? Or about faith? Or about different religions, different churches, and different ideas? We all do, but often we are scared to ask them. That is why The CORE’s Q&A Sunday started. In place of a regular message, we will take time to anonymously ask questions and find the passages with Jesus’ answers. We hope you can join us for Q&A Sunday!

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 4)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 4)

    April 29: Inexpressible Joy


    Too often Christians see joy as something that has to wait until heaven. But Peter tells us that we can be filled with an inexpressible right here and right now as faith fills us with the joy of knowing Jesus as our Savior.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 3)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 3)

    April 22: Be Happy (In God)!


    Life in God’s family is not pain free. Peter is honest about suffering, grief, and “all kinds of trials.” But he also tells us God’s plan for our pain—to refine us and lead us to a greater desire to see God face to face.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 2)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 2)

    April 15: Evolve from Fear to Peace


    Peter praises God for the riches of the inheritance of God’s kids, riches that can’t fade, riches that are kept in heaven and shielded by God’s power. When we were reborn into God’s family, we became filthy rich with spiritual blessings.

  • Evolution of Faith (Week 1)

    Evolution Of Faith
     (Week 1)

    April 8: Evolve from Apathy to Praise


    Everyone wants hope, the firm belief that something better is coming. That’s exactly what Easter brings. The resurrection of Jesus gives us a “new birth into a living hope,” raising us from dead end “hopes” and giving us something to live for.

  • Rebel Yell (Week 3)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 3)

    October 29: By Scripture Alone


    Where do we find both grace and faith? In the Word! How do we come to know the true God? Through the Word! How can I be sure that I’m saved, loved, and accepted by God? Because of the Word!

  • Rebel Yell (Week 2)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 2)

    October 22: By Faith Alone


    How do we get to the amazing grace of God? Not by works, but through faith. This message helps define faith (simple trust) and ensure that faith is always a gift to rebels, not a choice of the spiritually so-so.

  • Rebel Yell (Week 1)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 1)

    October 15: By Grace Alone


    God loves us because…God loves us. Grace is the unconditional, undeserved love that surprises us (and offends human reason). This message helps us understand the depths of grace and comforts every sin-sick soul.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 11)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 11)

    August 14:  Faith Works For Community  Notes / Podcast / Video

    James concludes with a cry to love and care and pray for one another. May the church of God live out its faith in good works!

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 10)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 10)

    August 7:  Practicing Patience  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Every farmer knows crops don’t grow in a day. And every wise Christian knows God’s promises aren’t all fulfilled right now. Therefore, we wait patiently for God’s perfect timing.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 9)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 9)

    July 31:  Faith Works Against Greed  Notes / Podcast / Video

    The love of money is a monster in the heart of a human being. Greed leads to injustice leads to the judgment of God. James warns us about loving money more than loving our Maker.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 8)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 8)

    July 24:  God Willing  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Humility moves all of us to plan in pencil. We have plans and goals and dreams, but we are people, not God. Therefore, we plan every bit, but say, “If God wills it!”

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 7)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 7)

    July 17:  Faith Works To Be Faithful  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Being a good friend is a good thing...unless it’s with the world. James urges us to be friends with God and unfriend the sinful world.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 6)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 6)

    July 10:  Faith Works For Humility  Notes / Podcast / Video

    What causes so many fights in our lives? Pride. James warns his fellow Christians about the dangers of pride and the blessings of humility in this classic section.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 5)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 5)

    July 3:  Faith Works On Words  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Words hurt. And words help. As the Proverbs say, the tongue has the power of life and death, which is why James urges us to watch our words.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 4)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 4)

    June 26:  Saving Faith Works  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Most people claim to believe in God, but James reminds us that Satan believes in God too! True and living faith proves itself by what it does. Genuine faith works!

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 3)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 3)

    June 19:  Faith Works For The Poor  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Human nature loves to pick favorites. Unfortunately, everyone in the church is human! James warns us against playing favorites at church.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 2)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 2)

    June 12:  Faith Works To Make Us Better  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Some people are religious, but they don’t seem to remember much about the teachings of their religion. James spurs us on to not deceive ourselves with our church attendance, but to actually love one another.

  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 1)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 1)

    June 5:  Faith Works For Joy  Notes / Podcast / Video

    James shows us the blessings of hardships, allowing us to rejoice even in our suffering and pain.

  • Man Of Faith (Week 4)

    Man Of Faith (Week 4)

    November 2:  Test Of Faith  Notes / Podcast

    Despite the test of faith God put before him, Abraham trusted God to fulfill His promise. Our God never fails!  

  • Man Of Faith (Week 3)

    Man Of Faith (Week 3)

    October 26:  God's Got This  Notes / Podcast / Doors Video

    There are times God asks us to wait for Him to fulfill His promises. When that "wait" threatens to weaken our faith, trust that God is faithful and say with confidence, "God's Got This!"  

  • Man Of Faith (Week 2)

    Man Of Faith (Week 2)

    October 19:  Faith The Facts  Notes / Podcast

    What a beautiful truth to remember - our LORD is power and love! We can take great comfort in knowing that He is greater than all our fears!  

  • Man Of Faith (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Man Of Faith (Week 1)

    October 12:  Who > What  Notes / Podcast

    What leap of faith is God asking you to make? Whatever it is, remember that WHO is asking you to make that leap is greater than WHAT leap He's asking you to make!  

    Man Of Faith (Series Summary)

    • October 12: Who > What
    • October 19: Faith The Facts
    • October 26: God's Got This!
    • November 2: Test Of Faith

    This study of the life of Abraham is all about faith.  The NT calls Abe “the man of faith” and he is the most talked about person in the “hall of faith” in Hebrews 11.  So, what kind of faith did Abe have?  What led him to believe so strongly?  The goal of this series is to show how Abe was just like us.  He had great faith…sometimes.  He believed…and then he doubted.  Yet, the object of his faith never wavered.  God kept his promises even through Abe’s ups and downs.  God didn’t quit on Abe even though he was pathetically faithless rather frequently!  That same God makes incredible promises to us today.

  • Fight For The Faith (Week 2)

    Fight For The Faith (Week 2)

    August 31: How To Fight For The Faith   pdfmp3

    In order to fight, you have to prep then punch. This week we find out how to do just that.

  • Fight For The Faith (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Fight For The Faith (Week 1)

    August 24: Fight For The Faith pdf / mp3

    Sometimes tough conversations need to be had with Christians who are walking away from God.

    Fight For The Faith (Series Summary)

    • August 24: Fight For The Faith
    • August 31: How To Fight For The Faith

    As America moves further and further away from being a “Christian nation”, cultural and even church opposition continues to increase.  There is a greater need than ever for perseverance, wisdom, and courage to stand with Christ instead of turn into cowards.  Are we able to balance uncompromising orthodoxy with mercy/compassion?  Jude teaches us how in his one-chapter book.