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  • FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 8)

    FaithWorks: A Journey Through James (Week 8)

    July 24:  God Willing  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Humility moves all of us to plan in pencil. We have plans and goals and dreams, but we are people, not God. Therefore, we plan every bit, but say, “If God wills it!”

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    June 14:  My Kingdom Come  Notes / Podcast

    I like to summarize petitions 1, 2, & 3 with the phrase “teach, believe, and do”. When we teach the truth, believe the truth, and live according to the truth, God’s name is hallowed, his kingdom comes, and his will is done.