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  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 7)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 7)

    June 2: The Real Jesus Satisfies Your Soul


    When a “bad Samaritan” met Jesus, she was shocked by his behavior. He engaged her, confused her, and then saved her, turning her into the Bible’s most unlikely missionary. This message reminds us that Jesus is still offering the water of life to the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places.

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 6)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 6)

    May 26: Eternal Life Giver


    Many Christians know the famous words of John 3:16. But when did Jesus speak them? And why? And to whom? This message teaches that powerful verse in the context of the powerful verses around it, remaining us of the new life that only the born again can find.

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 5)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 5)

    May 19: Jesus Judges Churches


    Within one verse in John 2, Jesus turns from wine maker to church destroyer. Raging, flipping over tables, and whipping animals, a furious Jesus turns the church upside down...or order to keep the Church right side up. In an age when greed, sin, secrecy, and scandal have driven people away from church, Jesus is passionate about protecting the places where his resurrection is proclaimed.

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 4)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 4)

    May 12: Jesus Is The God Of The Unexpected


    Jesus’ first ever miracle was making 150 gallons of alcohol! Turning water into wine was not only proof of Jesus’ identity as God, but also a reminder that God’s great goal for our lives is joy, to celebrate in his presence by the miraculous work of his Son, Jesus.

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 3)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 3)

    May 5: Look At Jesus' Identity


    How can an imperfect person fall asleep without guilt? How can the abused live without shame? How can a sinner end up in the presence of God? The Bible’s answer—a lamb. A spotless substitute, accepted by God’s own design. This is what John the Baptist’s followers would have thought when he pointed to Jesus and shouted, “Look! The Lamb of God!”

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 2)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 2)

    April 28: Meet The Real Jesus


    Was Jesus a good man? A wise teacher? A religious guide? A prophet? A god? Jesus’ best friend answers that question in the opening words of his biography. Jesus was the Word, both with God and himself God. Jesus is the way God communicates with us, showing us the darkness of life without him and the bright light of trusting in him.

  • Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 1)

    Fake News/Real Jesus (Week 1)

    April 21: Jesus Is Alive! (Easter Sunday)


    Jesus faced the horror of his friends’ death/grief with a powerful hope with the reminder that he was the resurrection and the life. In a world where we all are dying every day (and trying to ignore it), Jesus’ own resurrection is proof that he is our Savior and our true source of Life!