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  • Friend Request (Week 4)

    Friend Request
     (Week 4)

    May 27: Friends With The World


    The Proverbs might imply that hanging out with unbelievers is a bad idea, but the Bible is more nuanced than that. Rubbing shoulders with those who don’t know Jesus is the best way to share the hope that only the Savior can give. This message explores the way Christians can invest in those who do not yet believe in Christ.

  • Friend Request (Week 3)

    Friend Request
     (Week 3)

    May 20: Choose Friends Carefully


    One pastor often told his teenage members, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” That wisdom is repeated in the Proverbs, a book about making wise choices. Walking with wise friends will make you wise. Hanging out with fools will come with consequences. This message is God’s reminder to choose your friends carefully, since they have an incredible influence on your choices and future.

  • Friend Request (Week 2)

    Friend Request
     (Week 2)

    May 13: Friendship & Fellowship In Christ


    What does it mean to find a Christian friend? Is that the same thing as being part of the fellowship of a church? This message explores what it means to have friends who share your faith as well as the important distinction between the fellowship of Christians and the self-selected blessing called friendship.

  • Friend Request (Week 1)

    Friend Request
     (Week 1)

    May 6: I Am A Friend Of God


    The Bible speaks of God befriending people in the Bible, a term of incredible closeness and intimacy. How does that compare to the modern, social media driven idea of a “friend request”? What would it mean for our lives if the Almighty God was actually our ever-present friend?

  • Give, Save, Live (Week 3)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 3)

    November 19: God The Spirit Lives


    God is in the joy-giving business. He is not a money-hungry owner that denies his money managers any personal pleasure. Instead, God created a beautiful world and gave us money to enjoy it. Some imply you should feel guilty for any personal spending (as if owning a TV was a mortal sin when so many people in the world are starving). But if we have given first and saved second, we do not need to feel guilt in living off the rest, to enjoying the places God created, the food God grew, the technology God allowed us to develop. He gives these things for our pleasure! So, be generous first and enjoy the rest to his glory.

  • Give, Save, Live (Week 2)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 2)

    November 12: God The Son Saves


    The Proverbs picture a wise person as one who doesn’t squander every last dollar like a prodigal child. They leave an inheritance for their children’s children. Yet Americans have nothing left to save. The vast majority, despite the shocking wealth of our time, are living in debt. Why? Because we are trying to save ourselves from boredom (new toys), from being average (new clothes, bigger homes), from sadness (vacations and upgraded phones). Yet, the short-term pleasure doesn’t last long and we end up needing to be saved. But God saves. Jesus’ atoning work saves us from being separated from God. In his presence we find the secret of being content and are able to spend less and save more.

  • Give, Save, Live (Week 1)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 1)

    November 5: God The Father Gives


    God so loved the world that he gave. Those famous words are the heart of our salvation, but they also show us the heart of God. He is a giver. Do you believe that? Everything we have and own and enjoy is ours because our Father in heaven is a giver. Every good and perfect gift comes from him. He knows what we need and supplies daily bread. Worry and financial fear dissolve when we see God as the perfect combination of endless resources and endless love. Only then are our hearts equipped to imitate God and become a cheerful giver.

  • MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  More God  Notes / Podcast

    Do you know God? Do you know him personally and love him deeply? Is God the one and only thing you must have to be okay today? If not, you don’t know him well enough just yet. But John wants to help. He wants to give us all más Christ so we can have más God!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    December 20:  More Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Balancing no-strings-attached love and unbending, biblical truth is no easy task. But that is exactly what Jesus did. Come and meet the One who refused to water down the expectations of love, yet poured out love to the very people who didn’t measure up to God’s expectations. Find más truth and grace in Christ!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 3)

    MÁS Christ (Week 3)

    December 13:  Know Christ Más  Notes / Podcast

    Have you experienced the glory? Is your life driven by the glory of God that you have seen in Jesus? If not, you are not alone. Most of us go through life with a small vision and little motivation. We need más! That is why John has some glorious words for you about the King of Glory!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 2)

    MÁS Christ (Week 2)

    December 6:  More Light  Notes / Podcast

    Do you get confused by life in this dark world? What is true? What should I believe? How should I live? What’s the point of my life? John has one answer to all of these essential questions—You need más Light. According to John, Light has a name!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 1)

    MÁS Christ (Week 1)

    November 29:  More Christ  Notes / Podcast

    Have you ever been overwhelmed by the love of God for you? If not, John has a few words you need to hear. Jesus’ old friend reminds us of the mountain of gifts Jesus is dropping off at your door every day of the year and how those gifts are meant to remind us of the Giver’s love. Come and find más gratitude in Christ.

  • Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    May 31:  Conquering Porn Together  Notes / Podcast

    Conquerors, Conquer!—As forgiven, cleansed, and holy children of God, our loving Father gives us wisdom to conquer our sinful habits.  Listen to the loving wisdom of your heavenly Father as he teaches you to conquer old habits and to help those you love conquer theirs.  

  • Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 1)

    May 24:  Graphic Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Christ Conquers Porn!--Sexual sin tempts most Christians.  Swimsuit issues, racy sex scenes, pop-up ads, provocative Facebook posts, and a thousand other images are pushed at God’s people every day.  The result?  Many fall into temptation and even habitual sin.  We promise God we’ll change, but change doesn’t happen quickly.  That’s why sexual sinners need Jesus.  He not only was tempted in such ways, but he gave his life so that sexual sinners wouldn’t need to be ashamed in front of God, but to approach His throne with boldness and confidence.  

    Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary)

    • May 24:  Graphic Grace
    • May 31:  Conquering Porn Together

    When it comes to sexual purity, many Jesus-loving, church-going people feel conquered.  Defeated.  Ashamed. Weak.  Struggles with pornography, lust, masturbation, and impurity are increasingly common among both men and women in the church.  So, what should sexual sinners do?  Run to Jesus! Jesus is the one who sought out sexual sinners, loved them, and gave his life to make them pure in the sight of God.  Jesus is also the one who taught churches to value honest confession and mutual encouragement.  This series is meant to help sexual sinners and equip those who love sexual sinners so that all might believe, “We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us!” (Romans 8:37)