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  • Gay & God (Week 4)

    Gay & God (Week 4)

    November 1:  The Narrow Road  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus perfectly modeled the way to deal with any human being, regardless of their sexuality or their sin, by boldly proclaiming the truth and offering shocking mercy and love.

  • Gay & God (Week 3)

    Gay & God (Week 3)

    October 25:  But What About....?  Notes / Podcast

    Every discussion of homosexuality in light of the Bible raises some important questions. Didn’t Jesus tell us not to judge? Aren’t we all sinners? If God made some people that way, who are we to criticize God’s creation.

  • Gay & God (Week 2)

    Gay & God (Week 2)

    October 18:  L.G.B.T  Notes / Podcast

    What does the Bible actually say about the topic? This sermon explores the six key sections of Scripture that speak about same-sex attraction and behavior.

  • Gay & God (Week 1)

    Gay & God (Week 1)

    October 11:  Love  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus wanted his church to be known for its love, yet love is often the last thing LGBT’s find in the Christian church. This sermon deals with the deep meaning of Jesus’ simple words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”