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  • Gay & God (Week 2)

    Gay & God (Week 2)

    October 18:  L.G.B.T  Notes / Podcast

    What does the Bible actually say about the topic? This sermon explores the six key sections of Scripture that speak about same-sex attraction and behavior.

  • Gay & God (Week 1)

    Gay & God (Week 1)

    October 11:  Love  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus wanted his church to be known for its love, yet love is often the last thing LGBT’s find in the Christian church. This sermon deals with the deep meaning of Jesus’ simple words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

  • Agape (Week 3)

    Agape (Week 3)

    February 15:  I Agape You  Notes / Podcast

    The defining call in our lives is to agape each other.  To do what’s best for each other.  Regardless of how we feel, God is asking us to do what’s best for people, whether they deserve it or not.  

  • Agape (Week 2)

    Agape (Week 2)

    February 8:  God Does  Notes / Podcast

    The best definition of love is not how we “feel” about God, but rather what God has done for us.  He sent Jesus as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.  Why?  Because God is defined by agape, the love that does what’s best for another.  

  • Agape (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Agape (Week 1)

    February 1:  Love Is A Verb  Notes / Podcast

    God’s definition of love isn’t a feeling.  It’s not romantic.  It’s action.  God doesn’t just feel compassion, but rather acts for our good.  

    Agape (Series Summary)

    • February 1:  Love Is A Verb
    • February 8:  God Does
    • February 15:  I Agape You

    Love is such a subjective word.  We love McNuggets, the Packers, our dogs, our family, our friends, and Moose Tracks ice cream, our God.  Some people say they still love each other, but get divorced.  We fall in love and then the love fades.  So, how exactly is love defined?  What is it?  What does God mean when he says he loves us?  Or that we should love one another?  The goal of this series is to redefine “love” with God’s definition:  To do what’s best for another person, no matter what it costs and no matter if they deserve it.  The Bible has a little word for the big love that defines the Christian faith:  Agape.  Agape is what helps us understand the heart of God and what guides the love we have for each other. Agape defines God’s love for us and also the love our loved ones are dying to receive.

  • American Idols

    American Idols

    • July 20:  Likes  pdf / mp3
    • July 27:  Looks  pdf / mp3
    • August 3:  Loot  pdf / mp3 
    • August 10:  Lust  pdf / mp3
    • August 17:  Love  pdf / mp3


    Every culture has idols.  Baal.  Asherah.  Artemis.  Zeus. We’ve unearthed the statues in Athens and in Jerusalem.  But what about our idols, the ones whose shrines are in our hearts and minds?  What do we worship in 2014 America?  We do we love even more than God’s commandments?  What do we trust in more than our heavenly Father?  What do we fear losing more than our faith?  What do we sacrifice in order to worship these gods?  And what is the true God offering us that these idols never will?