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  • God & Gender (Week 4)

    God & Gender (Week 4)

    June 30: God & Transgender


    If God created us male and female, why have so many of God’s sons questioned if he actually created them to be his daughters? And why have so many Christian women wondered if they were really made to be God’s sons? Paul indirectly answered these questions when he wrote about the struggles of life in this broken world. This message intends to explain the transgender temptation and offer hope and encouragement to those facing it.

  • God & Gender (Week 3)

    God & Gender (Week 3)

    June 23: God & Gender In Marriage


    Perhaps now more than ever, Americans find the idea of distinct gender roles as outdated, offensive, and oppressive. Much more preferable, many believe, is to recognize God-given gifts, regardless of gender. How does such thinking fit into the biblical view that Paul lays out in Ephesians 5 where husbands are the “heads” of their wives and wives are called to submit to their husbands? How do biblically-committed Christians winsomely explain these verses in our modern age?

  • God & Gender (Week 2)

    God & Gender (Week 2)

    June 16: God & Gender In The Church


    1 Timothy 2 is a chapter many Christians wish was not written. The Apostle’s Paul’s words seem patriarchal and downright impossible. No braided hair? Or expensive clothes? Or women in church who are not “silent”? Really? This message seeks to faithfully explore Paul’s provocative words in context and the issue of men and women working together in the church.

  • God & Gender (Week 1)

    God & Gender (Week 1)

    June 9: God's Design For Men & Women


    In the beginning, when everything was perfect, God created people. Not only did he create Adam and Eve “in his image,” he also “created them male and female.” This message lays the foundation for our faith when it comes to gender, a faith in the Father who loves everyone of the children he has created.

  • Man Of Faith (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Man Of Faith (Week 1)

    October 12:  Who > What  Notes / Podcast

    What leap of faith is God asking you to make? Whatever it is, remember that WHO is asking you to make that leap is greater than WHAT leap He's asking you to make!  

    Man Of Faith (Series Summary)

    • October 12: Who > What
    • October 19: Faith The Facts
    • October 26: God's Got This!
    • November 2: Test Of Faith

    This study of the life of Abraham is all about faith.  The NT calls Abe “the man of faith” and he is the most talked about person in the “hall of faith” in Hebrews 11.  So, what kind of faith did Abe have?  What led him to believe so strongly?  The goal of this series is to show how Abe was just like us.  He had great faith…sometimes.  He believed…and then he doubted.  Yet, the object of his faith never wavered.  God kept his promises even through Abe’s ups and downs.  God didn’t quit on Abe even though he was pathetically faithless rather frequently!  That same God makes incredible promises to us today.