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  • God Goals (Week 4)

    God Goals (Week 4)

    January 26: God Wants Rest (Balance)


    What if one of God’s goals was for you to do less? What if God was nudging you to say “no” to more people more often? What if a key to achieving more for his glory was resting in what Jesus has already achieved for you?

  • God Goals (Week 3)

    God Goals (Week 3)

    January 19: God Wants Work (Vocation)


    The easiest part about God’s goals is setting them. The hardest part is actually achieving them. Where can you find the motivation and power to pursue God’s goals after the rush of the resolution has worn off? The Apostle Paul knows, and he cannot wait to tell you.

  • God Goals (Week 2)

    God Goals (Week 2)

    January 12: God WANTS Obedience (Purpose)


    What does God want you to do with your life? Where does God want you to live? Or work? Or go to college? These common questions go unanswered in the Bible. Instead, God gives an overarching command to his people, no matter where they live, study, or work. Do you know what it is?

  • God Goals (Week 1)

    God Goals (Week 1)

    January 5: God's #1 Goal (Identity)


    God’s greatest goal for your year is not for you to be more patient, more generous, or more loving. The #1 thing on God’s list is much, much more important than anything you could ever do. His primary goal is for you to remember who you are. At the start of a new year, have you figured out your identity in Jesus?

  • God & Gender (Week 4)

    God & Gender (Week 4)

    June 30: God & Transgender


    If God created us male and female, why have so many of God’s sons questioned if he actually created them to be his daughters? And why have so many Christian women wondered if they were really made to be God’s sons? Paul indirectly answered these questions when he wrote about the struggles of life in this broken world. This message intends to explain the transgender temptation and offer hope and encouragement to those facing it.

  • God & Gender (Week 3)

    God & Gender (Week 3)

    June 23: God & Gender In Marriage


    Perhaps now more than ever, Americans find the idea of distinct gender roles as outdated, offensive, and oppressive. Much more preferable, many believe, is to recognize God-given gifts, regardless of gender. How does such thinking fit into the biblical view that Paul lays out in Ephesians 5 where husbands are the “heads” of their wives and wives are called to submit to their husbands? How do biblically-committed Christians winsomely explain these verses in our modern age?

  • God & Gender (Week 2)

    God & Gender (Week 2)

    June 16: God & Gender In The Church


    1 Timothy 2 is a chapter many Christians wish was not written. The Apostle’s Paul’s words seem patriarchal and downright impossible. No braided hair? Or expensive clothes? Or women in church who are not “silent”? Really? This message seeks to faithfully explore Paul’s provocative words in context and the issue of men and women working together in the church.

  • God & Gender (Week 1)

    God & Gender (Week 1)

    June 9: God's Design For Men & Women


    In the beginning, when everything was perfect, God created people. Not only did he create Adam and Eve “in his image,” he also “created them male and female.” This message lays the foundation for our faith when it comes to gender, a faith in the Father who loves everyone of the children he has created.

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 5)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 5)

    July 1: Our Mess. God's Mercy.


    The ending of Judges requires an adult I.D. to read. A woman chopped into pieces and mailed throughout Israel? That’s really messed up! But the Spirit inspired this story to prove two points. First, that life falls apart when everyone does what they think is right. Second, that God does not give up on people after the most disgusting sins.

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 4)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 4)

    June 24: Press On In Faith


    Gideon seemed so good. The humble farmer who became a Sunday School hero. But the fame went to his head and good ol’ Gideon died as a spiritual adulterer and snare for his people. That’s messed up! But the story reminds us to fight the good fight through the final round, run the race until the last step, and worship God until our final breath.

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 3)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 3)

    June 17: Gender & God


    A quivering commander. A female savior. A housewife who plunges a tent peg through a general’s brain. That’s messed up! But that’s what happened in Deborah’s day. Her unlikely story proves that God blesses and saves his people through those we would least expect—little children, common mothers, and a carpenter from Nazareth.

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 2)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 2)

    June 10: Saved By Surprise


    A powerful king is murdered on his own toilet by a left-handed spy. That’s messed up! But it reminds us of the surprising facts of our salvation. It is surprising that we would turn our backs on God after all of his goodness to us. It is surprising that God would send a deliverer to save us anyway. And it is the epitome of surprise that God himself would be murdered shamefully to save us from our spiritual slavery.

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 1)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 1)

    June 3: Repeat Redeemer


    God saves. His people sin. God saves again. His people sin again. That’s jacked up! The story of ancient Israel is almost hard to believe. Why would they give up the God who rescued them from Egypt and gave them the promised land? Yet they did exactly that. But instead of leaving them to the consequences of their sin, God heard their cry for help and redeemed his people time and time and again. Thankfully, the same God does the same thing for sinners who struggle with same problem today.

  • Friend Request (Week 4)

    Friend Request
     (Week 4)

    May 27: Friends With The World


    The Proverbs might imply that hanging out with unbelievers is a bad idea, but the Bible is more nuanced than that. Rubbing shoulders with those who don’t know Jesus is the best way to share the hope that only the Savior can give. This message explores the way Christians can invest in those who do not yet believe in Christ.

  • Friend Request (Week 3)

    Friend Request
     (Week 3)

    May 20: Choose Friends Carefully


    One pastor often told his teenage members, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” That wisdom is repeated in the Proverbs, a book about making wise choices. Walking with wise friends will make you wise. Hanging out with fools will come with consequences. This message is God’s reminder to choose your friends carefully, since they have an incredible influence on your choices and future.

  • Friend Request (Week 2)

    Friend Request
     (Week 2)

    May 13: Friendship & Fellowship In Christ


    What does it mean to find a Christian friend? Is that the same thing as being part of the fellowship of a church? This message explores what it means to have friends who share your faith as well as the important distinction between the fellowship of Christians and the self-selected blessing called friendship.

  • Friend Request (Week 1)

    Friend Request
     (Week 1)

    May 6: I Am A Friend Of God


    The Bible speaks of God befriending people in the Bible, a term of incredible closeness and intimacy. How does that compare to the modern, social media driven idea of a “friend request”? What would it mean for our lives if the Almighty God was actually our ever-present friend?

  • The One (Week 1)

    The One (Week 1)

    November 27:  "The One" Is Not Ashamed Of Us  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    You might think a list of dozens of Jewish names is worth skimming or skipping. But don’t! Jesus’ family tree reminds us that the One came from a long line of sinners, and he came for a long line of sinners. So, if you stand in that line, look to the One!

  • GOD: The Series (Week 7)

    GOD: The Series (Week 7)

    November 20:  Christians Are Called To Declare The Glory Of God!  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    What is your calling in life? Many Christians wrestle with that question as they figure out where to live, where to work and what to do. But what if your calling was to give people a glimpse of God? What if the real Christian calling was to make the invisible God visible in the way that you love others?

  • GOD: The Series (Week 6)

    GOD: The Series (Week 6)

    November 13:  Jesus Gets Us To God  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Forgiveness is not the point. Getting into heaven is not the goal. Being saved is not the end of the story. Rather, we worship Jesus for giving us access to the presence of God where unspeakable joy and peace are found.

  • GOD: The Series (Week 5)

    GOD: The Series (Week 5)

    November 6:  God Makes Eternity Exciting  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    What is heaven like? Clouds, harps, endless choir rehearsals? What is hell like? Fire, demons, and a guy in a red suit? Not quite. The Sons of Korah help us imagine the unimaginable joy of heaven…and the emptiness of hell.

  • GOD: The Series (Week 4)

    GOD: The Series (Week 4)

    October 30: 31,173 Verses, 1 Big Idea  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    The “wisdom literature” of the Old Testament is all about God. The Book of Job is about God being enough to cause you to worship (Job 1-2). The Psalms are about the security and satisfaction found in God (Ps. 23, 42, 63, etc.). Ecclesiastes is about the foolishness of trying to find satisfaction apart from God (Eccl. 1). Song of Songs is a picture of the passionate pursuit of the soul for God. Know these books and you’ll find true wisdom.

  • GOD: The Series (Week 3)

    GOD: The Series (Week 3)

    October 23:  God's Holy Name Is All Hearts Need  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    The “name” of God is important enough to appear in both the Lord’s Prayer and the 2nd Commandment. But what exactly is the “name” of God? The answer to that question is the key to lasting peace, joy, and satisfaction in life.

  • GOD: The Series (Week 2)

    GOD: The Series (Week 2)

    October 16:  Creation Glorifies The Creator  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    How can we know what God is really like? The fact that God is invisible means that the best we physical creatures can do is guess, right? Unless God left clues all around us. Paul’s words from Romans 1 remind us that every moment is a chance to know (and come to love God).

  • GOD: The Series (Week 1)

    GOD: The Series (Week 1)

    October 9:  My 1 Desire  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    What do you desire out of life? Answer that question with this (stuff/person/etc.) instead of “this” (God), and you’ll get frustrated and angry at God. But remember the words of Asaph and you’ll find the joy, peace, and security that your heart craves.

  • MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    MÁS Christ (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  More God  Notes / Podcast

    Do you know God? Do you know him personally and love him deeply? Is God the one and only thing you must have to be okay today? If not, you don’t know him well enough just yet. But John wants to help. He wants to give us all más Christ so we can have más God!

  • iGod (Week 3)

    iGod (Week 3)

    November 22:  iThink  Notes / Podcast

    “I miss my old brain!” author William Powers lamented. Despite its countless blessings, the internet has physically changed the wiring of our brains, transforming our attention spans and the depth of our thoughts. How can we learn to embrace the essential art of silence and meditation, the practices necessary to know God in a deep and meaningful way? The very first Psalm has God’s timeless answer.

  • iGod (Week 2)

    iGod (Week 2)

    November 15:  iRest  Notes / Podcast

    A 1960’s government task force predicted Americans would work 20 hours/week and be bored due to the incredible advances in technology. Instead, our phones, laptops, and devices keep us busier than ever and burn out seems probable, if not inevitable. But what if God could provide real rest, breaking us from our addiction to approval (and the devices it depends on)? The writer to the Hebrews shows us where to find real rest in this essential week of the series.

  • iGod (Week 1)

    iGod (Week 1)

    November 8:  I Am  Notes / Podcast

    Identity theft is a terrifying threat, even more so when your online identity is in question. While we can control what we post (such as the one and only family picture where the kids weren’t punching each other), we can’t control what they post. So, where do we find joy and peace knowing our online personas are as fragile as the next post from an ex-boyfriend or a workplace enemy? The Apostle Paul shares his answer from Philippians 1.

  • Gay & God (Week 4)

    Gay & God (Week 4)

    November 1:  The Narrow Road  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus perfectly modeled the way to deal with any human being, regardless of their sexuality or their sin, by boldly proclaiming the truth and offering shocking mercy and love.

  • Gay & God (Week 3)

    Gay & God (Week 3)

    October 25:  But What About....?  Notes / Podcast

    Every discussion of homosexuality in light of the Bible raises some important questions. Didn’t Jesus tell us not to judge? Aren’t we all sinners? If God made some people that way, who are we to criticize God’s creation.

  • Gay & God (Week 2)

    Gay & God (Week 2)

    October 18:  L.G.B.T  Notes / Podcast

    What does the Bible actually say about the topic? This sermon explores the six key sections of Scripture that speak about same-sex attraction and behavior.

  • Gay & God (Week 1)

    Gay & God (Week 1)

    October 11:  Love  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus wanted his church to be known for its love, yet love is often the last thing LGBT’s find in the Christian church. This sermon deals with the deep meaning of Jesus’ simple words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”