Greater Things

[UPDATE 10/16/2019] $206,360 have been promised in up-front gifts (which will be matched 1.5x for "Max the Match").
$775,644 has been promised in-going 3-year pledges.

[UPDATE 9/23/2019] Our staff and 922 leaders were asked to submit their campaign commitments early as an encouragement to us all. 27 families participated!
•   Initial one-time donations: $40,250 (These will be matched 150% by our Max the Match donor - no cap!)
•   3 year pledges: $116,350 (These will be matched 100% by a donor that will match all such gifts until we reach $715,000.)

Jesus Roots --> Spirit’s Fruit
922 Ministries and all that we do at both campuses to help people plant Jesus’ roots is a blessing to our members and community. Your three year pledge and gifts to the Greater Things campaign will give us the opportunity to accomplish even more for God and his Kingdom!