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  • Old School (Week 3)

    Old School
     (Week 3)

    December 10: Christmas Lights


    Some of us remember driving around town to check out the lights. In the midst of the dark season of winter, lights wow and impress us and bring joy to our hearts. Jesus did the same thing. Isaiah promised that those living in the land of the shadow of death would see a dawning light. Jesus is wonderful, a counselor, a perfect father who never leaves, a king over all governments, and so much more.

  • Old School (Week 2)

    Old School
     (Week 2)

    December 3: God With Us


    One of the magical things about Christmas is being with people. From family celebrations to work parties to special services, we tend to gather with others who bring us laughter and joy (hopefully!). But the greatest part of Christmas is knowing that God is with us. The virgin gave birth to a child and called him Immanuel.

  • Old School (Week 1)

    Old School
     (Week 1)

    November 26: Earliest Memories


    Jesus first “appears” in a promise made to two of history’s biggest failures, Adam and Eve. Although their doubt and sin brought death, pain, and frustration into our world, God made them the oldest promise of all, a promise to crush the Devil and his accusations. We might feel like failures too, especially around the Christmas season. Maybe we didn’t keep our promises to God or our resolutions to be better people. But God’s old school promise still stands.