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  • f********** (Week 3)

    f********** (Week 3)

    February 16: How Do I Forgive Them?


    Does forgiveness means you act like sin never happened? What if you don’t trust the person who sinned against you? What about consequences? This message discusses the tension between daily forgiveness and healthy boundaries from a biblical perspective.

  • f********** (Week 2)

    f********** (Week 2)

    February 9: Forgiven People Forgive


    How do you forgive someone who sins against you? While Christians may agree that they should forgive, finding the power to forgive day after day can feel impossible. This message unpacks Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness, proving that the most important thing to do is begin with the forgiveness you have first received from heaven.

  • f********** (Week 1)

    f********** (Week 1)

    February 2: Forgiveness Is Found At The Cross


    What do you do when someone sins against you and it hurts? This message explores the four paths you could take (and the one that God prefers). Don’t try to “forgive and forget.” Don’t get back. Don’t get better. Instead, make the daily choice to let that sin alone, to forgive as God has graciously and daily forgiven you.