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  • Happily Ever After (Week 5)

    Happily Ever After (Week 5)

    March 5:  God's Word On Divorce  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    What does God say about divorce? Can a Christian be divorced? Can divorced people go to heaven? What about remarriage? Didn't Jesus forbid that? This message digs into one of the toughest sections of Scripture and shares God's plan for those who've been to the courthouse and back.

  • Happily Ever After (Week 4)

    Happily Ever After (Week 4)

    February 26:  "You First!" Makes Us Blessed  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Every dysfunctional marriage is filled with one or more selfish people. Every joy-producing, laughter-filled marriage has two people who spend their energy saying, "You first." That's exactly what Paul instructs couples to do in his landmark message on marriage from Ephesians 5. Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Stop praying God would change your spouse. Pray God would change you.

  • Happily Ever After (Week 3)

    Happily Ever After (Week 3)

    February 19:  A Divine Way To Date  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Dating in the digital age is an odd mixture of swiping, texting, hooking up, and then dating. A skewed view of the purpose of marriage has skewed the purpose of dating. This message seeks to provide godly guidelines as you consider the person you might propose to.

  • Happily Ever After (Week 2)

    Happily Ever After (Week 2)

    February 12:  Single, Saved, & Satisfied  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    We live in a world that worships marriage. It seems unacceptable to not be married. Thus, match makers drive their single friends and family crazy with another date, another set up, another pitiful look - You're still single? But that's not biblical. Jesus, Paul, and countless other Christians have been totally saved yet totally single. This message explores the blessings of singleness and the role of singles in God's big family.

  • Happily Ever After (Week 1)

    Happily Ever After (Week 1)

    February 5:  God's Blueprint For Marriage  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Genesis 2 has the perfect plan for marriage because the world was perfect. Given that both Jesus and Paul quoted these verses in their teaching on marriage, we would be wise to base our relationships on them too.

  • In The Beginning (Week 3)

    In The Beginning (Week 3)

    January 24:  One Flesh  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Marriage is not a man-made institution or a state-sanctioned piece of paper. Marriage is God’s idea and, when done according to the Designer’s directions, is beautiful and life-giving. Loving husbands, supportive wives and the glory of God-given sex is all wrapped up in Genesis 2.