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  • Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God. (Week 2)

    Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God.
     (Week 2)

    (A Study on the Book of Romans)

    June 11: The Good Thing About Bad News 


    As much as we hate to be judged, that is what we do all day long. Judging other people’s character, choices, clothes, personality, driving, parenting, and pretty much everything else. In this section of Romans, Paul gives us an honest, unchanging standard for thinking about ourselves and for other people. (Warning: This message is not for the faint of heart!)

  • Sad Songs (Week 2)

    Sad Songs (Week 2)

    March 6:  Sing A Sorry Song  Notes / Podcast / Video

    David learned God is pleased with a broken heart, one that is crushed by the reality of sin and its consequences. That’s the heart God cleaned and fills with his Holy Spirit.

  • Sad Songs (Week 1)

    Sad Songs (Week 1)

    February 28:  Sing a Sad Song of Confession  Notes / Podcast / Video

    David’s cover up killed his conscience. He learned the foolishness of hiding his sin and the blessedness of confession and community.

  • In The Beginning (Week 5)

    In The Beginning (Week 5)

    February 7:  Life After Eden  Notes / Podcast / Video

    We live in a post-Genesis 3 world. Work is hard. Relationships are work. And we can’t go back to the paradise we lost. Yet God sends us into such a world with Jesus, the One who will restore paradise for the people of God.

  • In The Beginning (Week 4)

    In The Beginning (Week 4)

    January 31:  The Lie & The Truth  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Racism. Abuse. Revenge. Terrorism. Envy. Affairs. Hopelessness. Sin. All of it comes back to the same simple lie peddled by the same Evil Enemy: Did God really say? This message will expose the deadliness of doubting God and his Word and shock us with God’s best promise in the midst of our worst sin.