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  • GOD: The Series (Week 2)

    GOD: The Series (Week 2)

    October 16:  Creation Glorifies The Creator  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    How can we know what God is really like? The fact that God is invisible means that the best we physical creatures can do is guess, right? Unless God left clues all around us. Paul’s words from Romans 1 remind us that every moment is a chance to know (and come to love God).

  • In The Beginning (Week 6)

    In The Beginning (Week 6)

    February 14:  Crouching Envy, Hidden Dragon  Notes / Podcast / Video

    The first baby killed his baby brother. The sad story of Cain and Abel reminds us of the hideous nature of jealousy and the loving warning God gives to those who are green with envy.

  • In The Beginning (Week 5)

    In The Beginning (Week 5)

    February 7:  Life After Eden  Notes / Podcast / Video

    We live in a post-Genesis 3 world. Work is hard. Relationships are work. And we can’t go back to the paradise we lost. Yet God sends us into such a world with Jesus, the One who will restore paradise for the people of God.

  • In The Beginning (Week 4)

    In The Beginning (Week 4)

    January 31:  The Lie & The Truth  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Racism. Abuse. Revenge. Terrorism. Envy. Affairs. Hopelessness. Sin. All of it comes back to the same simple lie peddled by the same Evil Enemy: Did God really say? This message will expose the deadliness of doubting God and his Word and shock us with God’s best promise in the midst of our worst sin.

  • In The Beginning (Week 3)

    In The Beginning (Week 3)

    January 24:  One Flesh  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Marriage is not a man-made institution or a state-sanctioned piece of paper. Marriage is God’s idea and, when done according to the Designer’s directions, is beautiful and life-giving. Loving husbands, supportive wives and the glory of God-given sex is all wrapped up in Genesis 2.

  • In The Beginning (Week 2)

    In The Beginning (Week 2)

    January 17:  His Image  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Who are we? Where did we come from? Genesis answers that question with a captivating phrase “in his image”. Men and women were created in the image of God. What does that mean about who we are and our inherent worth as human beings?

  • In The Beginning (Week 1)

    In The Beginning (Week 1)

    January 10:  God Created  Notes / Podcast / Video

    The first sentence of the Bible is as overwhelming as the character of God: In the beginning, God created! Look at a sunrise, the respiratory system, a baby at 36 weeks, the mountains, or a starry night and you’ll learn something about the power, wisdom, and love of the God who created it all.