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  • Classic Christmas (Advent)

    Classic Christmas

    December 5: Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?


    Christmas has been called "the most wonderful time of the year." But why doesn't it always feel that way? Why is it that throughout the season we often feel exhausted and, by the end, find some disappointment making us glad in some way that the holidays are over? Is it possible to not only say that Christmas is the most wonderful season of all but to experience it as so? Come and listen in to Isaiah 9:1-7, our Advent Meditation, and find what truly makes Christmas magical - truly, the most wonderful time of the year. Come and see that at Christmas, God's Enchanted Kingdom is closer than ever. Come and enter in!

  • Classic Christmas (Week 1)

    Classic Christmas (Week 1)

    December 2: Reality TV


    Many people view Christmas as a season of wishes, dreams, and heart-warming tales. Rudolph, Frosty, Tiny Tim, and other fictional figures give us hope and make us feel good. But the Christian story of Christmas is radically different. Luke’s investigation was about facts, not feelings. Luke 2 gives us the real people, real places, and real hope that we find in a real, historical Jesus. This message reminds us that Jesus’ birth actually happened, which is heart-warming news!

  • That's Messed Up! (Week 5)

    That's Messed Up!
     (Week 5)

    July 1: Rated MA


    The ending of Judges requires an adult I.D. to read. A woman chopped into pieces and mailed throughout Israel? That’s really messed up! But the Spirit inspired this story to prove two points. First, that life falls apart when everyone does what they think is right. Second, that God does not give up on people after the most disgusting sins.