Jesus Roots (Coronavirus Edition)

We need Jesus Roots more than ever! Don't let the coronavirus sidetrack your spiritual growth. Here are some ideas:


Watch the live-stream of each Sunday’s 922 Ministries service, either on your own or with a small group of family/friends. Wednesdays 6:30pm. Sundays 9am, 3:30pm & 5:30pm.


  1. Have you recently been in a Life Group?  Email or text your fellow Group members, offering encouragement, sharing helpful passages, and praying for one another by name.
  2. Leverage your social media accounts to connect with others.  Post Bible passages and explain how they are helping you during this time when fear reigns.  Look for open doors to love and serve those who are afraid.
  3. Share posts, comment and connect on our Facebook pages.
  4. Contact your closest Christian friends regularly and encourage one another.


  1. Your pastors are producing daily videos to give you encouragement. The playlist for those messages can be found here.
  2. Continue (or begin) the 922 Ministries Grow Plan that journeys through Matthew’s Gospel, focusing on the humility of Jesus.  Download the plan here.
  3. CHRIST > CORONA  Subscribe to this YouVersion reading plan created by Pastor Mike:
  4. Check out the archive of sermons from St. Peter and The CORE.  Listen to one each day as you do chores, work, etc.  Find the messages here.
         St. Peter  //   The CORE
  5. If you’re married and/or a parent, use the extra time at home to grow together spiritually.  Find a plan on the YouVersion Bible app or watch one of the Gospels on Netflix (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all streaming currently).
  6. Watch / listen and explorer content on Or watch on TV on NBC26 at midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning as well as 6:30am Sunday morning.  Nationally Time of Grace is on Daystar 3:30pm Sundays and the Cowboy Channel at 8:00am Sundays.


  1. Continue to support 922 Ministries via the online giving option.
  2. Reach out to your family, friends, and neighbors, offering needed assistance to those whose income has been severely limited by the current situation.


  1. Let your light shine brightly during your conversations, including those online/on the phone.  Remember that GOD is working through the coronavirus (Rom. 8:28), that every day is completely under Jesus’ control (Eph. 1:22), and that hardship is one of the ways that our Lord draws us back to his grace (2 Cor. 12:9).
  2. Reach out to others, asking how they are doing and offering to pray that GOD would give them peace in the days to come.