Lead Me Father Project


By commission of St. Peter / CORE church and St. Peter Lutheran School and Early Childhood Ministry, Pastor Bill Monday, our Family Pastor, is reaching out to all fathers or spiritual heads of our households who are connected with our ministries, whether members or friends. Our goal for this initiative as a part of our Grow mission is to encourage our families and children by equipping fathers and mothers or guardians to be the primary disciplers of their own children in the Lord, looking to the church to help but not supplant the most influential figures in their children's lives. Please sign up to meet with Pastor Bill for 20-30 minutes at one of the designated time slots to learn more about how to advance in your God-given call to disciple your children. May God bless your work by producing faith in your child unto life everlasting all to the glory of Jesus Christ their Savior and ours!

Sign up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090949a4ad2ba0fe3-lead