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  • Lured (Week 2)

    Lured (Week 2)

    March 19:  Tailor-Made Temptation  
    Notes / Podcast

    What would you do to tempt you? What is so interesting to you that you just might turn your back on God to swim towards it? Sadly, the Enemy knows that answer even better than you do. He sees your blind spots and has thousands of years of temptation people just like you. This message will uncover our idols so we know where to focus our defenses.

  • Lured (Week 1)

    Lured (Week 1)

    March 12:  The Evil One 101  
    Notes / Podcast

    Understand the Devil is pure evil. He hates you. He wants to steal from you, kill your blessings, and destroy your soul. Only when you understand the seething hatred he has for God and God’s family will you be vigilant enough to keep your eyes open for his bait.